September 25, 2010

First post!

Welcome to my blog, Red-Soled Fashionista!  I'm just your average teenager who, if it isn't already obvious, has a thing for fashion.  Now, I'd love to say I actually own a pair of Louboutins, however I don't.  But that's alright, because fashion is all about fantasy, isn't it?  And you, my readers, don't have to own Louboutins either.  This blog is for all kinds of fashionistas and is about all kinds of fashion: high and low.  As a busy student, I might not be as consistent as I would like with my posts, but I'll certainly try to keep up.  I love fashion, I respect it, I understand it, and I don't know what I'd do without it.  With this blog, I hope to connect with other like-minded fashion-lovers from all over the world.  So come and gather around, my fellow fashionistas (red-soled or not), and let's get talking.

Image Source:Christian Louboutin Ad Campaign

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