August 3, 2012

Backwards Thinking

A novel idea has just come out of Elie Saab's Fall 2012 Couture collection.  Allow me to give you some perspective first: Everything seems normal as Karlie Kloss commences the show in a long, black, and of course, embellished number.  The deep rectangular neckline and looser silhouette is something to raise an eyebrow over, but the look is still hardly different from what Saab produces, well, all the time.  Yet wait a couple seconds more, and you will realize Saab may have found an inkling of creativity this time, because just as Kloss passes you, you see a glimmer in the centre of her lower back.

The backwards belt.  An idea actually so simple and unique I'm surprised I haven't been seeing this more on street style mavens.  The knotted belt, which I spoke about here, has caught like fire, but the backwards belt has yet to fully ignite.  Why is that?  Maybe we still can't shake the conventional idea that belt buckles go in the front, and, cue the common sense, it takes patience and pliable fingers to tie a belt from behind.

That's not to say it can't be done.  Those more cautious may want to start off with bow belts or obi belts, which won't at all look out of place worn backwards.

Those willing to take this on can try buckle belts - opt for thinner and sleeker belts.  Once your belt gets too wide or the buckle gets too large and flashy, that's when you move ever so ungracefully into the zone of looking careless.  Start off with cinching your dresses, skirts or tops, and eventually, you might even be able to pull off wearing a backwards belt on your pants.

But ultimately, when it comes to wearing your belt backwards, you're the best judge.  If you feel ridiculous in front of the mirror, then turn that belt buckle back to where it belongs.  If you take the plunge and walk outside with a backwards belt, then you better own it and have no apologies.  After all, first impressions are not just about first impressions, but what you leave for everyone to remember you by.

Image Source: Style Bistro, Glamour, Tee and Fame, Denim Therapy


  1. I have a pretty belt wich has some nice details in the "back" and I use those details at the front, Lovely!
    But until now I never thought about jeans and the upside belt, I'll try it :)

    Nice idea!!

    See you :)

  2. I don't usually wear belts; however, I am kind of loving this idea. I may just have to try this out! :)

  3. pretty!
    bringing sexy BACK :P


  4. OMG I love these photos! Some serious inspiration for me to wear something focusing on the back! :)
    A's Fashion Files

  5. ha, that is really random...i think i would feel to weird :)

  6. I probably would go with a bow belt on this one, love the way the one in the image looks! Hope your summer has been wonderful, sweets ... sorry I've been a little hit and miss with my blogging buds, it's been a crazy summer filled with a move to a new place, renovation and a very busy illustration schedule! Have a happy new week! xox Sandy

    Illustrator SANDY M

  7. That is a pretty genius idea. It would be hard to pull off, and as I hardly even wear belts forwards, I doubt I'll be trying it, but props to anyone who does. I think it could definitely make an awesome statement.

    May the force be with you.

  8. I think I might belong to the group that finds it too weird, but surely, in these pictures, it looks like an idea worth trying.

  9. great post! love it..!
    i already followed you ^_^
    i'll be happy if you'll follow back..?

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    Lana <3

  11. it needs getting used to but i would try it. looks interesting :)