September 1, 2012

Words of Wisdom

If any of you have been following Elle Canada throughout the years, you will know that Elle Canada has been going through a, in my opinion, pleasant change this past year or so.  Noreen Flanagan, who took over Rita Silvan in 2010, has made some refreshing changes to the magazine - I gladly expressed my satisfaction through an email to Flanagan, who surprisingly, emailed back!.  If I dare admit, Elle Canada has eclipsed Flare Magazine in becoming my favourite Canadian fashion magazine (don't worry Flare, I still love you!).  I find Elle Canada now has more humour, fun, exciting new features, and thought provoking articles.  One of these new and exciting features is Elle Canada RSVP, a simple introduction that sets the tone for each issue.  There was one RSVP in particular from May 2012 that I would like to share.
Not only was the illustration incredibly pretty (the exaggerated!), there was a gem of a quote from illustrator and associate art director Elena Viltovskaia: "A strong sense of irony is key to being truly fashionable.  Without it, you're doomed to always play it safe, which is so boring.  True fashion is letting your imagination run free!"  After reading this, I literally put my magazine down to digest the truth of this statement.  Viltovskaia could not be more right.  Being stylish might mean knowing what works for you, and always coming out with a look people will no doubt nod their heads approvingly over.  But being fashionable, now that's different.  Being fashionable is taking risks, enduring raised eyebrows and mouths formed into little "o"s over what you've decided to pick from your closet, yet still walking tall and proud amongst them all.  Because hey, you're happy with how you look, and that's all that matters.  Anna Dello Russo and editors alike don't put together an outfit by thinking that, strategically, it should look good!  They put it together by exploring the deep, dark crevices of fashion, and while sometimes this may shock, it garners more respect than anything else.

Image Source: RSVP


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  2. never read the elle canada before! but defintely want to :)!


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  3. What an elegant drawing ! It makes me think to René Gruau, the french 50's 60's illustrator, I love him !

  4. That quote and that illustration have just made me itch to get my hands on a copy of ELLE Canada. I usually only read the U.S. edition, but the Canadian version sounds perfect!!! :)

  5. perfection all around!

  6. Good for Elle Canada, it sound great <3

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  7. The US Elle is the one magazine I keep coming back to- because it is not only a pretty glossy, but because it is smart and witty. Hard to strike that balance, right? Glad to hear that the Canadian edition is doing it too. And yes, that quote is dead on. You just can't take yourself, fashion, or anything too seriously- you should always remember to have fun!

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