November 17, 2012

Mini McQueen

Even though I know these have probably been around for a long time, I only just recently stumbled upon the mini Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York seemed to have given away at one point:

Absolutely adorable.  I yearn for one of these almost as much as I would a chance to see a pair of McQueen Armadillos in real life!  If you'll notice, there's a tiny hoop at the top, perfect for looping as a necklace.  Wearing a McQueen Armadillo necklace...what a great way to give edge to any outfit.  What a great conversation starter too!

Remember when McQueen skull print silk scarves were in huge demand after McQueen's passing?  I imagine this would be a more fitting tribute to the late genius.  I would love to have one sitting demurely on my windowsill, a discreet little expression of my love for high fashion.
In other news, I've been awarded the Liebster Award by aki!  Thank you so much!  What follows are a couple of questions she had me answer.

1) What is your favourite Nicholas Cage movie?  I haven't seen any.
2) What is your favourite Nickelback song?  I don't listen to them.
3) Do you find yourself using internet memes in daily speech?  No, I don't really find a lot of memes funny.
4) About how many make up products do you find yourself wearing daily?  None.
5) Earrings, bracelets or necklaces?  I would say all, but in reality, I only wear earrings most of the time.
6) Do you bruise easily?  Yes, especially considering all the tight spaces in my residence room this year.
7) Do you burp in front of your significant other?  No significant other, so nope!
8) Do you still lick envelopes?  No.
9) What sound do you hate?  High-pitched Barbie doll voices...
10) Where do you want to be a year from now?  Right where I am now, at school, building up my future.
11) When do you think is the best age/stage in life to move in with your significant other? When you're mature and clear headed enough to see that they really are worth moving in with.

Image Source: McQueen1, 2


  1. wowwww!! i love the 'armadillo' shoes!

  2. Love the shoe. I couldnt find it on their shop-online paige..Do you know if they still have it?

    1. I don't believe these are available anymore! They were sold by the MET during the McQueen exhibition.

  3. Oh ! These Mc queen shoes are so moving, that make me remember that he died a little after creating them...

  4. The best shoes ever! Love the Armadillo :)


  5. These shoes are amazing! They are strange in a beautiful way.

    xo Sootjeelina

  6. Those are amazing :)

  7. Oh, those are so adorable! I loved the Armadillo shoes. They were outrageous, but in a good way. I want the miniature version, and the real things!

    May the force be with you.

  8. they were selling those at the met when the exhibition was running!
    so fun!
    have a happy thanksgiving!

  9. waooo that's really weird!!!!!!

  10. Congrats on the award!

  11. Those shoes are too strange lookin for me, designer or not - I think I'll pass.