May 5, 2013

Hudson's Bay: A Sea of Potential

I am so in love with The Bay right now.  Or, should I say, Hudson's Bay.  For years it was known as the large, deserted department store that only had humble families and elders to count as its customers (which in itself isn't a problem; the problem is that Hudson's Bay actually targets a much wider audience). But now, with its rebranding efforts and retail growth plans, Hudson's Bay is reasserting the fact that it is Canada's oldest department store and, as it should be, among the most respected. In the past year, I have noticed a significant improvement in Hudson's Bay's flyers. While its old flyers were printed on flimsy paper and organized in a very practical, utilitarian fashion, its new flyers are presented as posh catalogues. The products themselves have improved, too. An inflow of younger, international labels has brought a spark to the newly renovated space that just calms my mood as I walk through it. If you ask me, Hudson's Bay has made a very admirable and effective change. I recently flipped through its newest flyer, and was extremely impressed (but excuse my blurry, unprofessional photos).

There is perceptibly greater care for the products by presenting them in a light worthy of their value. Besides that, there are just so many pieces I adore. Here are some of the pieces I would like to highlight:

Michael Kors Orange Leather Strap Watch

I know that Michael Kors' link watches are incredibly popular, but I am always one for well-made, traditional leather straps. The Michael Kors Orange Leather Strap Watch (centre) is just stunning in its simplicity, to which my Dad wholeheartedly agreed.  The face is smooth, uncluttered, and stands out among the sea of messy face designs. The strap, being a thin band of orange leather, doesn't scream class, but rather quietly exudes it. I like my watches clean, and while they will knock the wind out of you with their beauty, they knock you out gently.

Lord & Taylor Cable Sweater and Shorts

The entire Lord & Taylor outfit (right) is hands down perfect. I would wear the entire look head-to-toe without hesitation. I've recently started experimenting with the popular look of sweaters over collared shirts, and have fallen in love with how it tricks onlookers into thinking you've mastered the art of layering. Not only do I adore the tropical green of the sweater, pairing it with those printed blue shorts is a heavenly combination. I'm on the hunt for both printed bottoms and shorts this summer, and this Lord & Taylor pair satisfies both requirements. With those practical side pockets, looking cool and fresh could not be easier. Lastly, a quick word on that watch!  Sadly, it's not credited in the flyer, but that light blue oh my, Hudson's Bay has me entirely sold on this look.

Paper Label Lounge Legging

I'm sorry, but when did lounging look so good?  Especially in university, everyone wears sweatpants when they're feeling in the mood for comfort. I actually feel the most uncomfortable in ill-fitting clothes like that. Jeans are, admittedly, too tight to move around the house, but these Paper Label leggings (left) are a great compromise between comfort and style. Tight enough to give you a figure in case someone comes knocking on the door, but loose enough around the thighs and knees to allow for mobility when you do your chores. I also like the cinched ankles: there's no chance of your pant legs riding up as you sleep.

There are a few more comments I have about the flyer (ahem, Chanel nailpolish!), but perhaps it would be better if you checked out the flyer for yourself here. The only page I can't help but give a laugh at is the one featuring Guess watches (page 13). I have never liked Guess. Guess is overt without realizing that a certain level of restraint is what intrigues. Basically, it's cheap - both in quality and style. Looking at Guess' page in the flyer, the difference is evident. The watches are excessive, flowery (literally), and even if they aren't, look poorly made. But other than that, I would like to applaud Hudson's Bay for so successfully reinventing itself, both to the benefit of the company, and its customers.

Image Source: Hudson's Bay


  1. I didn't know this brand, I love the look in green and blue with the shorts !

  2. oh those watches are so amazing! reminds me that i need a new one soon ;)
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  3. oooohs love that watches!!!!! :)

  4. great summer inspiration with these photos! very HAMPTONS!