July 30, 2013

Missing the Point

Pointy toed flats and I are having a moment.  I used to think that pointy toes were too severe, but as I get older, I'm starting to really appreciate the elegance of a pointed tip.  Pointy toed flats give you the sophistication of a stiletto, with the more down-to-earth (literally) comfort of flats.  And I'm not talking the outdated toes of the '80s and '90s that were awkwardly long and had a slightly squared tip.  I'm talking pointed toes that have subtle extension, and a smooth, curved tip.  I'm currently on the search for the perfect pair of black pointy toed flats to wear with my business clothing, and on my latest shopping trip, I came across a pair of Steve Madden rhinestone embellished flats from Winners:
Honestly, Winners has such gems if you happen across them at the right time.  These flats give fabulous sparkle to your toes, and from far away, it becomes a subtle shimmer.  Although not ideal for business, there was also a patterned pair that I really liked.  The different coloured rhinestones add a fun personality to the white canvas, and provide so much opportunity for outfit matching. 

But here's the thing.  I really did like these flats when I initially tried them on and the $60 price tag (why do all the flats I like from Winners seem to cost that much...) was almost something I was willing to accept.  Yet on closer inspection, I realized that $60 was most definitely not worth it, and I was once again reminded of why I never quite liked Steve Madden.  Steve Madden produces nice designs, but the price tag never properly coincides with the quality of the shoes (my Dad agrees - he looks down on how Madden men's shoes are merely glued, not stitched, together).  Madden tries to make itself seem higher class, but ultimately, it's along the same lines as Aldo.  I have nothing against that, but when you stamp unjustified prices onto mediocre shoes, then I have a problem (and remember, $60 is Winners' discounted price).  Peering at the seams, I saw poor construction; examining the rhinestones, I noticed a couple stones already missing; looking at the piping, I was disappointed by the cheap fabric - the genuine leather logo obviously only refers to the inside.

By the end of this sobering scrutiny, these Steve Maddens no longer seemed all that great.  $30, or even $20, is the most I would ever spend on shoes like this.  As you may have noticed, impulse buying is not my thing.  The hunt for the perfect pair of black pointy toed flats continues...

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  1. Pointed shoes are classic! Especially a good, black pointed shoe-- You can never go wrong :)

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  2. I think its a strategy of some brands to mark their prices higher as some people would really think the quality is good, or "you get what you paid for". But sometimes it's not true, just yesterday I had to return a $100+ shoes because it did not last for a month and the company is willing to exchange it Also I just got my brother a Madden shoes, and I, without knowing it's quality=(

  3. Great post! Another great thing about gems, when you kick a guy in the crotch it'll hurt more. Fashion AND practical, who can ask for more.