December 14, 2013

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2014

I never used to pay attention to Pre-Fall collections, but they're really starting to grow on me. Spring/Summer is a great season - it's a study in colour, print, gossamer fabric, and lace as far as the eye can see - but there's something about combining Spring/Summer with Fall/Winter to form a sublime mélange of textures that's undeniably fascinating. Chiffon leads gracefully into thick angora, fur mingles with filmy t-shirts, and winterwear is finally done in colour.  The last time I talked about Pre-Fall was in 2012, but let's pick it up again with Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2014.

For me, it's all about texture.  Texture, texture, texture!  Christopher Bailey mixes them so expertly in this collection, creating looks that are truly multi-dimensional.  Fur, leather, name it. Besides incredible cocoon coats, Bailey gives us jacquard cigarette pants in rich emerald tones.  So rich I can taste it.

The aforementioned duality of Pre-Fall is evident in this collection.  When dresses are long-sleeved, they display a plunging neckline.  When dresses are sleeveless, they hit high on the neck.  Thigh-high slits find their place alongside knee-length coats, and colours finally alleviate the mundanity of all-black winterwear.   A lot of the times, it's juxtaposition that makes fashion so intriguing, and Pre-Fall is the perfect embodiment of this allure.

See the full collection here.

Note: Just wanted to give a shout-out to my Secret Santa for the thoughtful gift - a phone holder in the shape of a high heel...with a red sole!  Perfection.  I've always considered Red-Soled Fashionista as simply the name of my blog, but now I realize in some ways people see me as Red-Soled Fashionista. I am Red-Soled Fashionista.  Truly, I can never say this enough: thank you everyone for your support.  Much love!    

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  1. always make a beautiful collection that burberry :P


  2. Wow this Burberry collection is to die for. I especially admire the blue dress, very lovely. Thank you for the great post and merry christmas xx