January 9, 2014

I Hear You

A friend of mine revealed to me today that she read through my blog over the holiday break. I was surprised and deeply honoured (honestly, I can't fathom why you people read this nonsense of mine). However, what flattered me more was when she said my writing was "elegant with a bit of sass...enjoyable".  In my Hey there, pretty lady. post, I explored how the best compliment a fashion lover can receive is on her outfit. Well, as you know, I'm both a fashion lover and a writer, and the biggest compliment the writer side of me can receive is knowing the words I string together are actually worth reading.  So, a huge thank you to my friend.

What really struck me about her comment was how she nailed exactly the tone I try to get across on my blog.  I won't lie - I do get sassy on here.  I'm opinionated, I go against the grain when I want to, and sometimes, I'm even outright judgmental.  I lay bare my thoughts on this blog; what you read is exactly what goes through my mind.  But as snarky as I get, I never criticize without solid reason.  I always back up my opinions with thorough explanations, and I always, always write as properly and as elegantly as I can.  A snide comment can be made worthy when carried out with class.

I've always believed writers can never truly identify their own writer's voice, and despite the eclectic madness I perceive my blog to be, it's nice to know other people do see a clear tone and style. This is not journalistic writing, this is not academic writing...it's my writing. And if there's one place I'm glad I've successfully showcased my writer's signature, it's here, where I divulge my frankest fashion thoughts.

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