September 26, 2015

5th Year!

As I said one year ago, it won't be until my 5th year of blogging that I perhaps begin to think I've been at this for a while. Now that the milestone has finally been reached, I can't say I feel any more experienced, but I can say I feel more content. My blog has opened many doors for me - it got me my first fashion internship and my first paid fashion job. It has become a conversation topic that has allowed me to both connect with new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances. It has become a source of creative pride and happiness. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support.

But with that, I want this milestone to be less about me, and more about you. And so I leave you with a few words:

I want. I will. I am.

A dream (I want), which with dedicated pursuit and an unwavering passion (I will), will eventually evolve into a reality (I am). This is my mantra, and maybe it can speak to some of you.

These will be tumultuous times; some days you will believe in your dream more than others. You will both gain admiration from those you least expect, and be rejected from those whom you most seek approval from. But you have to push.

I hope you will take the time to think about what you want. And when you've figured that out, work relentlessly and know without a quiver in your heart that you will be that person.

Who do you want to be? Who will you be? And years (or months, or even days!) from now, when that flickering flame of passion has become a raging fire of purpose, I want you to come back and tell me exactly who you are.

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  1. congrats!
    send nyc friends my way on tues!

  2. I really am in awe of this post, did you made this up by yourself?
    Though based on my life experience, I could agree I can say this to myself ...when I was probably single...but now having a family, there are things you want to become, dreams you wish to happen, but you have to consider the people who will be tagging along your life -- your spouse and child, and it is a big responsibility. I do want to ask these questions to myself and maybe just ponder on my own answers. I strongly agree that you have to push.

    PS. Thanks about my's a long journey, but it is rewarding.

    1. Haha yes, I wrote this when I was caught up in the emotion of looking back at my journey in fashion.

      I agree - once you begin to have more people in your life, your perspective can change. But I think the question remains the same: what do you want? If family considerations factor into what you want, then that is just as important and fulfilling.

  3. come back!