February 27, 2016

Trend Alert

With only about a month left before I complete my undergrad, I am determined to make the most of my final days in the beloved university environment (my working friends are telling me they miss the campus life, so I may as well breathe it all in while I still can). Of course, besides taking up kickboxing and catching up with friends, part of enjoying my final year includes going to the mall with my roommate. We went two Saturdays in a row because she was getting her boots re-heeled, so I did what I do best: window shop. Here are a couple of observations from my two trips:

The Latest Trends (ie. things that are everywhere)

Ankle Boots + Gold Metal
Remember when metal tips were in style? Well nowadays, the hardware is taking a backseat by adorning the heels. I am a huge fan of this trend, and have a feeling it was influenced by Alexander Wang's cutout heel. While gold heels are seen on flats too, golden accents are most prevalent on ankle boots. As for the boots themselves, I notice they tend to be either chunky heeled (possibly with buckles and cutouts), or flat and streamlined.

This trend has been going strong for a while (especially on Instagram), although lately there seems to be an increase in the number of lace-up shoes and tops as the warmer season approaches. Seen most distinctively in Givenchy's Spring 2015 collection and popularized by the Kardashians, lacing has reached mainstream retail. I don't inherently dislike the trend - I think lacing is sexy and fun - but as is with all trends, I fear it will become overdone.

The Sixties & Seventies
We're having a blast to the past (as usual) with a '60s and '70s hippie/boho revival. I've been seeing a lot of suede, bell sleeves, fringe, button-up skirts, wide-leg sailor pants, and off-shoulder tops. It's an aesthetic I didn't think would be so popular with young girls (being a '90s kid, zip-up hoodies, flared jeans and skater shoes were the extent of how fashionable we were), but in some ways it's nice to see the newer generations have more fun with fashion.

Pendant Jewellery
This trend makes me laugh. It so explicitly demonstrates how easily trends come and go. Not too long ago, statement necklaces were all the rage. Big, bold and colourful. Now, we've scaled back immensely, and simple pendant jewellery is the sign of a modern woman. However, women are often still layering multiple pieces for a fuller look. I remember disliking my minimal jewellery years ago and wishing I had more eye-catching pieces. Guess I better make use of this current trend wave and give my jewellery collection some mileage!

Shrunken Bags
I'm not sure if I would classify shrunken bags as a trend, although it is something I have noticed. I call them 'shrunken bags' instead of 'mini-bags' because I find the designs more typical of medium-sized bags: structured with top handles. I've mentioned this phenomenon to my shopping companions to see whether I'm just delusional and imagining up trends, but they seem to understand where I'm coming from.

Long and Loose Coat
Even though I may struggle to pull off this trend with my shorter stature, I do like the look of it. I've come across a number of long coats and loose trenches, and adore the stylishly languid silhouette. These coats are a fantastic layering piece and would create great movement as you walk.

Interesting Products

Kate Spade New York Makenzie Aviators
My roommate and I got caught up in the Hudson's Bay eyewear section, and I came across this pair of Kate Spade aviators. I've tried Kate Spade eyewear once before and loved it - once again, I was pleasantly surprised! My face shape does tend to suit aviators better, although I often have trouble finding ones that fit. Kate Spade, again, fit my face nice and snug. You can't see in this photo, but the gold rim of the frame is slightly shimmery, which I loved. The gold and pink combo is so chic, and I like the sleekness of the gold arms. My only complaint is the thicker transparent pink frame, which looks a little cheap from the front. If it were slimmer, these sunnies would be perfect.

Banana Republic Blue Lace Button-Up
I have a soft spot for lace, but wasn't expecting to see it in this form. My roommate and I were coincidentally conversing on the topic of how conservative business attire is when we saw this button-up. I'm torn. I think the thick lace would make this a very difficult piece to wear, yet at the same time, I appreciate that it's different and would welcome the challenge to style it (my mindset is how can I wear this, not I can't wear this). Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend wearing this in a business setting, as much as I would love to shake up the world of traditional officewear.

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  1. I have to agree with a lot of these trends that you have mentioned! I have been seeing them around an awful lot. I love the gold ankle boots and want a pair for myself. As well as that, I have a long trench coat and some pendant jewelry because they are trends I just couldn't not have!

  2. Yes, you are well informed about the trends! And I see I need urgently such a long coat :) Thanks for the inspiration!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. The shrunken bags are so adorable! I love the laced up trend too.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière