June 4, 2016

Thank You, Friends

Looking back at my most recent blog posts, something dawned on me: many of them have been inspired by interactions I've had with my friends (Make Me Look Cool, Are You Listening? and In Uniform). I've never denied the incredible influence of those around me, but seeing three consecutive blog posts which came to fruition thanks to seemingly passing conversation topics really highlights how grateful I am to my friends.

Fashion has opened up a platform to bridge me with people in ways otherwise not possible. A mutual love for fashion has helped me make new friends - and reconnect with old ones. From people with the same affinity for fashion as me, to girls who want outfit advice, to guys who could care less about what they wear, I am so honoured to be that friend people think of to send random fashion things to. Without the chats we have, without the links and photos you send me, without your thoughtfulness to share with me, I would not be able to build up this blog like I have over the years.

Even I am sometimes surprised by how this blog has managed to go on for almost six years. How have I not run out of topics to muse about by now? Yet I realize inspiration is everywhere and endlessly flowing. It's in the big news stories that sway the industry, and in the tiniest details of my daily existence. I have no fear of ever running out of inspiration. It may come sporadically and unexpectedly - but it always comes.

Friends have played a big part in keeping me inspired. That is the reason why I always acknowledge when someone has awakened an idea in my head. I may have started this blog, I may write all of the content, and my name may be what signs off on each post, but my blog is not a solo act. It is a compilation of my interactions and experiences with the people and things around me. My blog may not be professional (read: marketable / monetizable) nor popular nor perfect, but it's genuine. It's real. It's me. It's you. Friends, you have helped make this blog what it is, and for that, I say thank you.

Image Source: Favim

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