October 1, 2010

Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

The first outfit that came down the runway at Nina Ricci for Spring/Summer 2011 (a sweet, feminine dress with a cotton trench) heightened the expectation for the remainder of the show.  Having said that, nothing after that first outfit quite managed to satisfy that expectation.
For inspiration, Peter Copping looked at past collaborations, and took an element from each to incorporate into the outfits.  There were feminine pieces complete with ruffles, bows and chiffon.
Next came iridescent crystals and watercolor prints (I like how there is just a trace of seafoam green among the pink chiffon in the second photo) .
Surprisingly, out came bold, bright and more masculine, tailored pieces that still had definite ladylike undertones.  This was a stronger woman; a woman who wants to be ladylike, but eye-catchingly so.
Copping showed us a lot with this collection.  Not only did he create unabashedly romantic looks, he introduced a newer, less-than-subdued form of femininity.  But that first look was the perfect marriage between subtlety and boldness, which for the rest of the show, Copping decided to separate.

Watch the full show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY8KYvglSrI

Image Source: Style.com

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  1. can it be spring already - all these bold colors! this is a cock tease revealing it so many months ahead.

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