April 10, 2012

Fame Monster

As we were having a chat one day, my friend brought up the subject of how unfair it is that there are bloggers who become famous because they have connections, and then there are bloggers like me who can blog for years but never have the same amount of recognition.  Her little quip got me thinking.  Sure, I've said before I blog as an outlet for the constant fashion musings that go on inside my head, but then again, everyone says that.  No one wants - or at least, no one will admit - to having started their blog in order to become famous.
I used to follow a number of fashion blogs: The Style Rookie, Sea of Shoes, Style Bubble, and The Sartorialist, to name a few.  They were all great blogs, and I still visit The Sartorialist from time to time.  But the one problem with all the others was an inevitable flaming sense of jealousy.  I enjoyed looking at their amazing outfits, but I couldn't do it without comparing myself against them. 
Jane Aldridge, I love her, she's beautiful and classy, but no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to relate to her.  She makes it seem as if it's normal to wear the most gorgeous pieces everyday, to have time to put so much effort into her looks and to have the ability to model her outfits afterwards.  I'm not rich, I don't own a closet full of stunning designer pieces, and I certainly don't have time to don full fashion regalia and get someone to photograph me.  I'm a university student who would rather spend money on education and family than fashion, I have a lackluster wardrobe of cheap basics, and I grew up with very few, if any, fashion connections.  If you simply look at me, you would never in your right mind think that I'm a fashion lover.  I am completely average.
You'll notice I even emphasize this in my About - I'm an average teenager who doesn't own a single red sole.  When I first mulled over whether I should start a blog, the idea of making my blog a representation of the average fashion lover crossed my mind.  I wanted things to be from the perspective of a truly average person.  Red-Soled Fashionista is a look into the mind of a girl who loves fashion, but does not live in fashion.
And I want to keep it that way.  All of my posts are mine completely and I have no advertisers or designers breathing down my neck.  Yes, I hope to break into the industry eventually, but I want that progression to be reflected on my blog.  I want my blog to reflect the hard work and struggling that is required of an average person to be in fashion.  Even if I never make it, when friends tell me they read my blog, or that they enjoyed a certain post - those moments are infinitely more valuable than anything fame could give you.  So do I want to become a famous blogger?  Well sure, if my hard work takes me there, but never at the cost of losing the fact that I'm just an average girl.

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  1. Ang...you don't even need to feel jealous of bloggers that post "new outfits" every other day. The one thing I came to realize was that only 10% actually post quality stuff that is worth being jealous off simply because when you try to find the items it costs a fortune. However the other 90% of the fashion bloggers "new outfits" are mostly cheap popular brands like Zara, Topshop H&M and I know one fashion blogger who shops a lot of stuff from Primark. If you don't know Primark it is like the cheapest stuff you can ever buy, with prices starting from as little as 5 pounds. I have been in Primark and I can`t ever bring myself to buy anything from there. Besides the facts that clothes are simply thrown all over the place in piles top of my head high, the stuff is the worst quality. But this blogger has a great camera, some photo shop, a nice location and the stuff looks "good" on the blog. She blogs every other day and its just different cheap stuff.

    So don't worry yourself, you can still find your niche as a fashion blogger without spending a fortune.

  2. I couldn't aggree with you more! I like fashion and pretty clothes, but I'm not the kind of person who has enough money to buy music, coffee and an entire new wardrobe each month. And neither do I want an entire new wardrobe each month, I'll buy what I need and spend the rest on music and coffee, what I, to be honest, love and want more.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  3. I gave up trying to analyze the crazy bloggers way back. I used to get nasty emails from people asking where I get my stuff and rude stuff like that. I try to speak my mind and share my opinions and not worry about not having all the fashions to posts like everyone else.

    Dont feel bad about your style, your young and everyone changes their look over the years. Maybe one day you will encouraged to try on something a little funkier. It wont hurt and you might like it. XOXO

  4. I agree with what you wrote and I think that the problem is not only about money, if you are rich or not, if you wear H&M or Margiela, but the real problem is about style. Sometimes, it's sad to see some famous bloggers who had no style at all and they just wear designer clothes and maybe they are there, they are so famous, just because they know someone. I really appreciate your blog and honestly I would say that I prefer to read your blog as an "unfamous one" because it seem to me more "friendly" and less far than reading the famous ones with hundreds of visitors.

  5. this post was amazing dear!

  6. i was scared at first too! but loved the results!
    omg i love that big bell skirt!
    can't wait to see you on my blog again!

  7. "I want my blog to reflect the hard work and struggling that is required of an average person to be in fashion."

    I think that is precisely why I enjoy your blog so much, Angelica. Your views on fashion, and different collections debuting are fresh, unique, and entirely your own. Plus, I feel as if I can relate to your observations regarding the fashion world, as they oftentimes reflect what I'm thinking myself. Keep up the awesome work!

    P.S. Instagram is an iPhone App (now available on Android, as well), that is basically a photo app that allows you to use different filters on pictures you've taken, so that you can turn a color photo black and white, add borders, change lighting, etc. :)

  8. I love your outlook on blogging. And I think its great to be "average." It is important to be relatable. The context of fashion blogging was to relate to the everyday person (something that many fashion mags couldn't do). Overtime some fashion blogs have become overhyped and lost their organic and innocent views.
    But I like that you have a clear vision.
    And I believe your blog and career will go far.

  9. I read this with chills. Because everytime I think of you and your blog, I know you will get the reward of being a writer, maybe some famous writer later on...in a famous magazine...your blog is your portfolio, you have started it, don't quit...continue doing it...You will inspire more people and students...you don't chase after many followers neither buying your followers. I have always thought of posting the same opinion but I don't like to offend anyone, now after reading this post, it isn't an offense after all. It is the truth... money is valuable these days and yes, I realized it as well, even i do not show a bunch of expensive items, what is important is I have an investment, a house I own, my own car, savings in my bank, and my son's future savings....I love this post so much!!! You are very intelligent and I will not be surprised if you reach that ladder of your dreams. Hands down.

  10. interesting view. honestly if a blog becomes successful after lots of hard work, i think the blogger deserves every bit of fame, but i totally agree with you about bloggers who just get everything handed to them cause they have connections. like bloggers that become popular just after a couple of weeks because their friends with another huge popular blogger who spent traffic their way. and i dont really read any of those big blogs either. i like to hunt down and find amazing small blogs that are just coming about and need support!



  11. I agree with you, just keep doing what you do and be true to yourself:) I have the same problem sometimes, i look at these fab fashion bloggers sporting these brands that i can never afford, lol...well, or i have to save up forever for it!hahaha

    I think cheap stuff is good as long as you got style!!! H&M is my fave shopping paradise after all;)

    By the way, i finally revealed the last 2 gifts for my giveaway so please feel free to drop by and check them out! Its the last chance to win before i pick a winner on Monday:)

    Lastly, i hope you had a great Easter break!