April 21, 2012

Flat Out Frightful

Flat shoes on the runway are rare, but when they do make an appearance, it's almost always to an approving audience.
I, on the other hand, spend the entire show cringing.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you: flat shoes look bad on the runway.  Runway outfits that look good with flat shoes are few and far between; most of them need that certain sway, height and structure that only a pair of heels can give.  Even the most opulent gown will turn into a dress appropriate for a beach-side stroll if the wrong pair of shoes are worn with it.
And it's not just because outfits look bad with flat shoes that I am so against them.  Few models know how to maintain their runway walk in flat shoes.  My first time witnessing this phenomenon was back in 2009 when I saw a runway show (I can't remember which one) with one particular model who let flat shoes get the better of her.  She walked the length of the runway, stopped at the end, and in an attempt to pose, ended up posing with her feet pointing outward in the shape of a V.  Not very elegant, I must say.
From the front, flat shoes aren't all that appealing either.  With each step taken, you see the sole of the shoe flopping down against the floor.  Almost like a reverse flip flop, if you will.  Even when the model simply stands there, the top of the foot looks flat and wide.  The only way this can be avoided is with sleek flat shoes (à la Chanel, who has done flat shoes successfully many times).
I hope you know I don't have anything against flat shoes.  Even though I prefer all my shoes, even my flats, to have a slight heel, that's only because I find the sound of heels against pavement a horribly addicting confidence booster, and because low heels are generally more comfortable than washboard flat soles.  In the end, flats are an essential part of any wardrobe.  Just a regular day on the streets certainly does not call for a pair of heels.
I cringe all the same when I see a model wobbling and falling on precarious heels, yet despite all the stress, pain, agony and embarrassment heels cause for models, there's no way around it - heels were meant to be on the runway.

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  1. flat shoes reminds me that they touch the ground too close and most of them look good without socks( and I am a feet sensitive). I love wrapping my feet with socks and wearing thick and rubber soles on a regular basis because I can't stand to imagine/reach the point that my heels will crack or have my feet look dry w/o wearing socks:) You are right, the runway will look more glamourous with high heels than flats!

    As for the book, I added this lines which I forgot: "Not too thrilled on this story, I need more punch and in depth realistic views, but if you love to laugh and read a "mild" book, this can be something you would like. Overall, I rate this book, 6 out of 10." and i changed the rating. I have "Breaking the Rules" but have'nt read it yet, sounds like going to be my next one....I just started "Hollywood Wives" last night !

  2. I kind of like the idea of flat shoes simply because I have gone through some videos of models falling in heels on the runway and I feel so bad. Its horrible and looks extremely dangerous, I am sure some of those models would appreciate flat shoes once in a while. On the other hand I cant imagine Naomi Campbell strutting the runway with flats, it would look awkward.

  3. those first sandals are so unique and fierce!.
    can't wait to see you on m blog again!

  4. I love the sound heels make on pavement, too, and it does somehow make me feel better! And as far as flat soles go, they sort of make my feet hurt because I can feel every single pebble that I step on, so I try to avoid them. for me, heels are the best :)

  5. I pretty much a agree with this, high-heels are a confidence booster! When I wear like jeans and a top, it looks so much better with high-heels then flats, it just lifts your entire figure and the way you walk and your confidence.
    And I really really feel like flats should be banned from runways! The models look far less pretty and their walks too, indeed.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. I LOVE the look in the last picture - so perfect!

    Honestly, I feel exactly the same way about flats on the runway - they always downplay the outfit, and really remove a glamorous/elegant element from the entire look. :/

  7. i only wear flats! ha
    when you're on your feet all day.....


  8. oh my.. i felt in love with those first ones!!i loved that silver stuff!! great post!


  9. I am a flat shoes girl through and through, but I have to give a "yay" to your post. Flat shoes, as you said, rarely look great on the runway.

    Great post.

  10. LOVE the second dress a lot :D



  11. I usually don't like flat shoes, but the shoes on the third picture are really amazing !!!

  12. I actually like flat shoes in some cases (I'm thinking about some models of Louboutin, Chanel, like you wrote, and Missoni) but in general they are a god way to make a woman looks unattractive: you're really right when you say that some dresses need "sway, height and structure that only a pair of heels can give"


  13. I agree! I;m not a fan off the flats on or off runways. XOXO

  14. Loved this post! I totally agree, casual flat shoes can ruin the look of a dress ... and I also loved your comment about the click on the sidewalk of heels being a confidence booster! Something we all think but I've never heard it voiced before! lol Love it! Happy new week, sweetie!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This week: "Do You Speak Chanel?"

  15. Totally agree. I'm not a fan of flats especially on the runway. I guess I understand flats for everyday wear but I think there are better shoes out there that are more stylish and more comfortable. Flats hurt my feet and I hate that I can feel the pavement under my soles.