July 24, 2012

Love the way you sparkle

Going through five fashion magazines in 3 days, you get a pretty good idea of not only what the biggest trends are for the season, but the exact runway looks and pieces everyone's raving about.  The trends for Spring 2012 are obvious: pastel colour blocking, peplum silhouettes, 20s drop waist flapper dress, head-to-toe trompe l'oeil prints, tribal patterns, and athletic wear.  It was clear too that magazines couldn't help but splatter these designers all over their pages: Mary Katrantzou (a designer I started to love ever since her Spring/Summer 2011 interior print confections), Christopher Kane, Gucci (everyone's going for gold with the gold fringe dresses), Erdem, Louis Vuitton (I can guarantee every magazine had the word "carousel" in it), Prada (Prada earrings, flame heels and hot rods, enough said), Peter Pilotto (seriously, how many magazines can print the same photo of Miranda Kerr in that blue scuba-inspired dress?), and the designer I wish to focus on today, Dries van Noten.

There is one particular look from van Noten that I've been seeing in every magazine, and everytime I see it, my heart aches with a little longing.
No, it's not the actual look that I'm longing over, but that strip of turquoise glitter print across the chest.  I'm having a crazy obsession over print this season, and as much as I love the soft florals and the beautifully rendered seascape etching (I lose a bit of rational thought everytime I look at how divine that print is), I can't seem to stop going back to that turquoise strip.
Please someone, anyone, make a silk button-up blouse in that turquoise glitter print alone.  It would be like wearing a sparkly, embellished top without the stiffness and weight.  I can just imagine how striking it would be paired with black cigarette pants, or even one of this season's highly popular coloured pants.  Curses, Dries van Noten, for making 1/3 of a top so desirable.

Image Source: Beauty is Diverse, Fashionologie


  1. SO SOOOO beautiful!!!


  2. That is a gorgeous blouse!!

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  3. Wow that is actually a really really gorgeous shirt! It would be the perfect statement piece <3

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  4. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    ~~follow each other?


  5. Thx for your comment and yeah I did that editorial, I was just the stylist :D

    BTW, I lvoe Dries van Noten and I think is really one of the most talentuos designers from Belgium. I love the analisis you did of the trend and I think that is really admirable that you decided to focus on such an avant-gard designer instead of speaking just about the well-known ones (valentino, versace...).


  6. Haha! I have to agree...that is a stunning detail! I absolutely adore turquoise for summer and the summer-to-fall transition period. :)

  7. I have never met a silk shirt I dont like, love the contrast of the black collar against the prints, so pretty!

  8. That blouse is amazing, lovely colors and sweet vibe <3

    See you!

  9. Totally take me back to the 1980s . . .

  10. That blouse is amazing. The turquoise glittery print is genius. I don't buy anything with sequins because I'm so afraid they'll fall off, so that's a great alternative. I really love all the prints together on that top though!

    May the force be with you.

  11. I think that the prints created nowadays is one of the most exciting things in contemporaneous fashion !

  12. I know what you mean! I didn't really like the shirt overall, but now that you've started describing the perfect teal glitter shirt, I want one too!

  13. amazing print!!!!


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