July 9, 2012

Summer Memories

Funny how blogging always seems to slow down during the summer months.  Outings with friends and family, sun, and lazing around tends to end up taking precedence over sitting myself down in front of the computer and attempting to hash out an inspirational post. 
But I actually have a good reason for my absence, and it's because of my internship at Stylust Magazine.  This internship has taken me through my first fashion event and my first photoshoot.  With every publication I've participated in, I've never failed to take a valuable learning experience from it. 

My first fashion event was Caitlin Power's intimate fashion presentation for our local fashion crowd.  I'll let my original post on Stylust do the talking!  Check it out here.
My first photoshoot was long (12 hours!), but thoroughly exhilarating.  One thing I admire about Stylust is their insistence on quality content.  Local designers and fashion events aren't featured just because they're local, but because they're actually good.  This high standard gave me the push I needed to reach out to local professionals in order to make my photoshoot come alive.  Seeing as this was my first photoshoot, it was a crash course in learning how things get done in the real world.  During the photoshoot, I found myself standing back and absorbing every little detail of what was going on.  Now with one professional photoshoot under my belt, I'm equipped with knowledge of how a photoshoot actually works so that next time (and I really do hope there is a next time!) I'm better prepared to actively see a photoshoot from start to finish.

Check out my first photoshoot here.

One thing I find with these small, local photoshoots is that they can sometimes look amateur - whether it be the model, the clothing, or the backdrop.  With this photoshoot, however, I was amazed at the editorial quality of our shots; these shots could truly go to print.  Our model absolutely blew us away with her natural ability to pose in front of the camera, our photographer had a keen eye for lighting and camera angles, our stylist pulled a wardrobe beyond my expectations, and our makeup/hair stylist knew exactly how to change it up between looks.  I was very lucky to have such an experienced team for my first photoshoot.  In the end, my job only consists of pulling everyone together and setting a theme.  The true talent behind the photos lies with everyone else.

Image Source: Summer, Caitlin Power


  1. It sounds like your internship is going well!! That would be so cool to get to be at events like this!!

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  2. Your internship sounds so unbelievably incredible! I think it's awesome that you had the chance to attend a true photo shoot. It sounds like such a long process; but the results are stunning! :)

  3. Wow Ang!!! I didnt know you had started the internship but it sure sounds like you are having fun. The photoshot looks fanastic and I liked reading your experience at the fashion show. I always imagine everything at the actual fashions shows is moving fast but the dark nature of the one you went to certainly looks intriguing. Looking foward to reading more stories!!!

  4. This is great, I followed your link to read the article that you wrote and I have to thank you since that STylust blog is really interesting. I'm so glad that you are having such a beautiful internship and I hope to see you writing for Vogue some day ;)

  5. sounds like you are learning a lot from your internship. Soak up as much as you can :)

  6. Sounds good! Enjoy the learning process! xoxo

  7. Yes ! Summer is THE moment to be lazy, and it's so good !!!

  8. So beautiful post. lovely pics. love it
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  9. yes! is a good reason! :)


  10. oo ill go check out your photoshoot!


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