August 28, 2013

Summer Lovin'

The night before my last exam of the school year, my mind was whirring.  Not with my course material, but with my blog.  I had been putting off my blog for the past year or so to focus on school, and had only been able to post about once a month.  The guilt began settling in, and my desire to keep my blog going for as long as possible led me to promptly set up a Facebook page for my blog the next day.  It was my first step towards rejuvenation.

Next step: blog more often.  I spent hours upon hours drafting up posts while I waited for my flight home.  This past summer, I have managed to bump up my post count to four posts a month.  Hardly close to the daily posts I used to make, but come now, I was young and naïve back then!

And finally, an idea I had toyed with about a month before summer: guest blogging.  In my stupor of studying, I discovered that there are many guest blogging opportunities out there.  Breaking out of my own little territory, introducing myself to other bloggers, and gaining exposure through other channels...I was only left pondering why I hadn't pursued guest blogging earlier!  Unexpectedly, and thrillingly, guest blogging was a huge success from the start.  I received such positive feedback from the bloggers I approached, and at one point, I even had so many guest post deadlines on my plate that I encountered major writer's block.  Here's a compilation of all the guest blogging I've done (there were many other opportunities, but one person can only write so much!):


Rose & Pine: Fashion's Game of Musical Chairs - I speak my mind on some of the latest designer changeovers.

Rose & Pine: The Great Gatsby: '20s Inspiration - I deliver fashion tips inspired by my most anticipated movie of the year: The Great Gatsby.

This Girl's Life: A Shady Afternoon - I pick out the season's top shades.

This Girl's Life: Floral Fanatic - I teach you how to tackle florals - from beginner to advanced.

Anni's Bubble: Midriff Mama - I try my hand at making one of the runway's most daunting trends more practical for stylish moms.

Chic and Casual: One Step Ahead - I reveal a strange new trend in footwear that has me itching to embrace modernity.

What's Hanging: Florida Florals - I get inspired by Robyn of What's Hanging's trip to Florida and cook up some outfits worthy of the beachy state.

All Things Unpredictable and Chic: I See Right Through You - I show you how to wear lucite.  Clear and simple.

Makeup by Lauren P: Top Summer 2013 Hairstyles - It's never too late to look at the season's hottest hairstyles.


But this isn't it.  I came across an advertisement looking for paid fashion bloggers in May, and without hesitation, sent in samples of my work.  Just like that, I was contacted and now, for the first time in my life, I'm getting paid to do something I truly love.  Here's a look at the work I've done so far:


Only Swimsuits: Top Swimsuits for Every Body Type

Size Plus Dresses: Top Plus Size Summer Dresses

Vintage Fashion London: How Dandy: Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking

Dress in Style: Surviving the Summer to Autumn Transition

Lily and Coco: Top AW 2013 Hair Accessories


I first knew I loved fashion writing when I sifted through every occupation I could imagine and assessed whether I was willing to go through the work required for each one.  Time and time again, I came to the conclusion that a future towards any other career would be a burden.  But when I looked at the work required to get into publishing, I felt such strong conviction and excitement.  You cannot deny when you feel a feeling like this that it is your heart's true calling.  I was willing to do anything - to push myself beyond my comfort zone - to achieve my dreams.  I've started from the lowest rung in the ladder - being a nobody in the vast world of fashion - to slowly, somtimes painfully, but always happily, climbing each individual rung.  I'm not saying I've made it anywhere near the top (and I may never), but it's been a steady progression up.  Hard work pays off.  Couldn't be truer.

Looking back, I MUST thank my friends.  The feedback I've received from them has been phenomenal.  They have always, always been my biggest supporters.  I'm so grateful to have friends who never question me even when I question myself.  In those nights of laying in bed wondering whether my passion is a mere hobby, I remember my friends and it's through their confidence that I gain my own strength.  Thank you, my dear friends, for your incredible support.  This is not my accomplishment, but ours.

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  1. Darling thank you so much for your comment, you are just too sweetie :)
    I really like this post, its a really good inspiration!! Love the photos too dear :)
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  2. I loved reading this post so much because i can relate heavily. For the past 3 years i have been pondering on hours with school, and with my finishing year i realized how much i missed getting feedback on my posts.

    Your doing a great job and when you mentioned 'those nights of laying in bed wondering if your passion is a mere hobby', is something i think about all the time.

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