July 16, 2011

Elie Saab Fall 2011 Couture

Elie Saab has clearly established itself as a red carpet label, which means that every season, you can be sure to see gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown.  However, when it comes down to it, that's really all Elie Saab is: gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown.  It can become, quite honestly, boring and uninspiring.  The world has enough red carpet events, and in the end, the runway is for fashion.  I initially loved Elie Saab for its gowns, but after several seasons, I felt like I was watching Elie Saab shows on repeat.  So Elie Saab's Fall 2011 couture collection was like a breath of fresh air.  Icy cold fresh air, to be exact.  It was red carpet ready, yes; but there was just enough lightness, a sense of creativity, and a mastery of embellishment to satisfy the fashion crowd.  Saab first started with beautiful icy blue, with crystalline sparkle to match:
Then, with Karlie Kloss sauntering out in a whisper-thin cape, thus began the procession of virginal white gowns, some embellished within an inch of their life.
As evening rolls around, the colour darkens to tan, then to brown.  Despite the heavy embellishment, the dresses are surprisingly light and diaphanous.
Finally, at nightfall, dresses turn navy blue, with the very last dress a stunning wedding gown in arctic blue.  It was so delicately dusted with crystals, that it looked as if the crystals were cascading down the dress.
I've wanted to review Elie Saab collections in the past, but I never felt that any of the past collections were as special as this one.  This collection is the best of both worlds: merging red carpet desires with fashion expertise.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. I love the dreamy and almost angelic feel to this collection. Your review was fantastic, and the descriptions were perfect!


  2. very enchanting - when a designer have this same impression for a while and suddenly, she surprises people of the change of her collection, that is truly interesting...

  3. Oh delightful designs! I would love to wear everything!

    Thanks for share ;)
    See you sweetie!

  4. Wow. I didn't know about this brand.

    Just breathtaking.


  5. i adore elie saab's creations!wonderful post.thanks for the wishes dear.

  6. wow those are beautiful dresses! I also really like all of the models hair a LOT

  7. Well said, I agree Elie Saab tends to be a one trick pony. But this collection was superb.

  8. elie saab makes the most gorgeous gowns. i wouldn't mind have any one of those as my wedding gown (in white / cream of course). xx

  9. WOW . unbelievably classy!

    come by my GIVEAWAY!


  10. Oh. my. gosh. This collection almost melts in your mouth like sugar! Sooooooo (did I say soooooooo?) BEAUTIFUL! Wowza. Thanks for stopping by Ooh La Frou Frou, sweets ~ left a little response to your comment at ~


    Have a wonderful week! xoxo
    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  11. WOW!!! Love Eli Saab, he sure never dissapoints. Love the nude colors especially, they look absolutely perfect.

  12. I completely thought this collection was one of his best! I don't have enough words to describe how much I'm in love with each and every dress! If I have a ton of cash, I would just buy the entire collection right there! xoxoxoxo

  13. And yeah, the news about Nataliya and her husband was a complete shocker to me! I wasn't expecting that at all because they seemed so perfect for each other and have a great life! xoxoxoo