August 18, 2011

RSVP Fabulous

Throughout the existence of my blog, I have probably only shared two fashion magazine spreads with you.  While the majority of fashion magazines continually present us with amazing spreads month after month, there are only a handful of spreads that truly stand out for either their creativity (such as Vogue's Monster Inc.), or quite simply, their pure beauty (such as Flare's Love in a Snap).  So since you can see that I am sharing yet another fashion spread, you can be sure I'm only sharing it because it's special.  Below is a spread from the May 2011 issue of Flare, titled RSVP Fabulous.
What I love about this spread is the atmosphere they've created.  It's not your typical photoshoot with one or two models on the page; this spread actually takes the reader into an intimate party setting.  Generally, the models aren't staring at the camera, and it even seems as if they are oblivious to it.  Also, I admire the use of a bright setting, instead of your usual dark club-style scene, which makes this almost like an afternoon lunch party (albeit a very glamorous one).  Lastly, the gorgeous cocktail dresses alone are enough to make this spread a hit.  There's a wide variety of labels featured, from a H&M dress, and a beautiful blue sequin French Connection dress, to a Lanvin gown.  One word: fabulous!

Image Source: Chris Nicholls Photography


  1. the third picture is really pretty!

    jos xx

  2. now thats I party I want an invite to!

  3. Fabulous is definitely the word! xo

  4. Wait, H&M, Lanvin and French Connection all mixed together? I never would have known! I love all the fashions all the more now- thank you for sharing!

  5. True. A real life setting made uber-glamorous by great fashion and excellent styling. Love this spread. Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh my, lovely spread!!! I loveeeeeeeee that mustard yellow dress and how it's tied in at the knee length. I also adore that Lanvin dress, the champagne color is sooo sophisticated:)


  7. Such a gorgeous spread with beautiful people, beautiful clothes and beautiful smiles.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  8. It is very candid and intimate. The images look like authentic party pics okay glamourous party pictures. But I could imagine a person flipping through their digital camera showing off these pictures.
    I love all the styling too. The dress in the second picture took my breath away.

  9. your "one word" is SO RIGHT!


  10. There's a tumblr blog called good looking people having fun (or something to that effect).

    All of these pictures belong there.

  11. I like these ads it reminds me of those moxies ads where the ladies are having a fab night out haha