August 9, 2011

Someday, Lola. Someday.

Now that Justin Bieber has become a household name, it wasn't to be long before he forayed into the industry of celebrity fragrances.  When I heard the news, I was surprised he was going to introduce a perfume, and I was skeptical of how involved he was going to be in the process of making it.  He may be considered to have talent in the music industry, but does he really have the skills to launch a perfume?  On second thought, celebrity fragrances are, after all, about selling the name more so than the fragrance.  But my point here is not to dwell on the fact that the Biebs is dipping his toes into the perfume world, rather, I'm here to talk about his bottle design.  The second I laid my eyes on Justin Bieber's Someday, I thought of Marc Jacob's Lola.
Now granted, you can't say that Bieber copied Marc Jacobs.  The cap designs are obviously different, with Bieber using the shape of a heart, instead of Lola's blooming flower.  However, the colour and material are similar enough that the comparison is inevitable, especially with such a popular, long-time fragrance as Lola.  I'm not pointing any fingers (and it seems Marc Jacobs isn't going to either), but I just thought it was an interesting thing to acknowledge.  Personally, I find Lola to be more artistic and creative, but that could be because I still can't bring myself to respect Bieber in the perfume industry.  Which design do you like better?

Image Source: Men-Access


  1. did you hear that harrods is making/selling an ICE CREAM SUNDAE that's based on bieber's perfume? so much ridiculousness

  2. Poor kid. You know he had no role in the decision making if that's how the bottle looks.

  3. I don't like them, so I don't care who is coping here!
    Hey sweetie! I totally understan your comment abour the work's virtues ;)

    See you pretty!

  4. OMg, are you serious!!?!? Looks like Lola's bottle design on the dot! It seems like Bieber didn't even try his creative side for the perfume industry! What a shame! Dont like the name Someday either, lol

    and i defo like the Lola design more:)

  5. both are cute but i prefer lola...i didn't know justin was launching a perfume. is he serious?! i hate the fact that he wants to sort of rule the world...just a kid...

    jos xx

  6. I think it's awful that he's pretty much copied it yet it's JUSTIN BIEBER OMGZ so nobody cares. x hivenn

  7. Those little girls probably never heard of Marc Jacobs, I can`t wait until that little boy goes away, I am sick of him already.

  8. I think you're right ... it does look susupiciously similar. The Marc Jacobs bottle is so much more attractive! Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by the blog ... left you a little note in response at ~ xoxo

  9. Wow, so similar! I think Marc Jacobs has bigger things to worry about with their time probably since Bieber can't be much of a threat to a major fashion house I would think? But I really don't know?

    Too funny!


  10. Beiber is an a$$

    I love MJ Daisy :)

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  11. Oh wow they are super similar! I know which one I'd rather have (and it isn't Bieber's that's for sure!)!

  12. I know what you mean! When I saw the bottle for "Someday" I was like hmm...looks familiar...I have to agree that the Lola bottle is much more creative, and most importantly, original. Bieb's bottle looks kind of tacky and fake, but typical for a celeb fragrance.

  13. Lola, definitely. And a copy is a copy, no matter how cleverly concealed. I am not big fan of celeb perfumes, either. But I guess a lot of people are making money off him. That's how it works, right?

  14. copying=highest form of flattery ? haha


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  15. I think it's so... uggh I'm not gonna say it but JB designing a PERFUME with a ROSE on it?! i dunno marc jacobs get away with it cuz he's all artsy and a true designer but Justin Bieber... ew. LOL

  16. These bottles do look the same. I agree, I prefer Marc Jacobs' bottle. It does have a more creative and artistic appeal.
    However, I kind of think both bottles are tacky and tasteless.
    But both are making what do I know:)

  17. Lola hands down! I wouldn't go near that Bieber bottle.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.


  18. Hmm, makes me wonder which companies produce the two fragrances? I wonder if it is the same? Definitely seems to be some infringement the end of the day it's all about selling your name for money though.

  19. I was trying to not be too harsh on Bieber (because there are some hardcore fans out there), but I'm glad none of you held back in your comments!

    @A Daily Mishmash: That is ridiculous! Harrod's falling for Justin Although I would like to see what this sundae tastes like!

    @Sabina: You're right, he probably did have little say. But if he didn't, then that means someone who had more knowledge about perfume did. And to know that someone who had a bit of know-how in fragrance industry still ended up designing this bottle makes me skeptical.

    @stylemefab: So true! I bet they're like, "Marc Jacobs who?". Oh, only one of the best and most well-known designers out there...

    @Rachel: There definitely is no threat to Marc Jacobs. He said so himself it is a small matter.

    @Pratishtha: That is how it works. As I said, it's all about the name. I don't quite see why people fall for bad celebrity fragrances.

    @M: That's the reason we hope is behind the similar bottles! ;)

    @Pop Champagne: omg, I know! And if you watch the commercial, it's even more "ughh".