January 20, 2011


I finally had time to head on over to the Anthropologie that opened up in my city.  I practically threw myself through the entrance, I was so excited.
And it was lovely!  The second you walk in, you're greeted with a delicious waft of sweet aroma, and it just makes you happy to be inside - as opposed to Forever 21 (sorry F21 lovers!) where the store smells like cheap plastic-y "leather" and overripe clothing.  That's one of the reasons why I avoid Forever 21 like the plague; if a store makes you physically repulsed, it's not worth it.  Oh, am I ever mean!  But anyway, back to Anthropologie.
The layout was magnificently decorative and the atmosphere was entirely welcoming.   As for the clothing, every single piece had a uniqueness about it that embodies Anthropologie's distinct free-spirited, Bohemian lifestyle.
Although not every single piece of clothing fit my personal style, I appreciated each one for its fascinating design and exceptional quality.
The most memorable thing that I found was this beautiful chiffon blouse that I actually first saw on a salesperson:
Once I came out, it was clear to me that you don't go into Anthropologie to simply shop, you go into Anthropologie to experience.

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  1. I love Anthropologie! I agree, the store is very welcoming...and they've got some great knit wear too!

    As for F21...you're right about the smells and the layout of the store doesn't allow for comfortable shopping. The only thing worth purchasing there is their jewelery.

  2. Antro is one of my favorite stores ever... it always has the cutest home stuff!!

    Tess S.

  3. and of course by Antro I mean Anthro!


  4. What a beautiful Anthro store! That is one of my favorite stores EVER. It's so classy and girly and lovely. Sigh.

  5. Love it!!! I recently started visiting a blog were they wear clothes from this store and I love every piece.....I have been cracking my head trying to remember a word that could describe the style and "Bohemian lifestyle" describes it perfectly. I can see from the pics pieces i would love to try and that yellow dress/top (i think) would be perfect for this spring. ...totally agree with you on F21. every time i am in that store i picture thousands of underpaid workers in a small room sowing zips onto those clothes...

    PS: Welcome back Angelica, how were the exams???.

  6. I stalked Anthropologie's website everyday and I wish they'll open one in my city too! The store's layout look so neat and easy to browse which is a must for me when I go to stores. Most of their clothes are not really my style but they're very beautiful for sure! xxoxooo

  7. That is very true - I could spend so much time in their stores!

  8. This store looks beautiful! I wish we had it over here in England! The blouse is gorgeous.


  9. I looove Anthropologie. Some of the clothing can be a bit expensive though :(


  10. I remember your great psot about this brand and first of all I wnat to say you that I'm happy you finished your exams and you can restart to post on your great blog. I thank a lot you to have commented all the posts that I've done in this time...I appreictae it a lot (I find very interesting to hear opinions, also different as about Tom Ford, becuase I think they are the base of a good blog...:D).

    ABout htis psot, I love the pics you posted and it woul be easy if I can visit a shop of this brand but I don't think it will happen. SO on the basis of these pcis I find the store very beautiful and cool ;)


  11. how GOOD is anthropology! now you wont be able to stay away :)
    what city are you in?



  12. i respect your opinion, i shop on F21 online since we are far the city. I love the interiors just by these posted pictures! It triggered me to visit the shop in actual. Thanks for the comment, It was very flattering to be compared to Tavi=)

  13. I adore Anthropologie! Their clothing and the whole store atmosphere is so welcoming and special to be inside. I would buy the whole store, but I wish their clothes weren't quite as expensive! That chiffon blouse is absolutely amazing. It would be cool to be a salesperson there because hopefully you'd get discounts on clothes! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  14. I love Anthropologie! Especially the catalog they always put out,so creative! Can I ask you is something wrong with your eblogger as well. Because i was following you and you were following me and now it's erased from my dashboard as a user. Wanna refollow me and I'll re-follow back? Stupid technology lol! have a great weekend XOXO

  15. Love the shop. The atmosphere is so homely and inviting

  16. OOPS! I thought we were following each other from an IFB friend request. That would explain why I don't see your profile or mine on yours,lol!
    You have a great blog by the way and I'll always comment XOXO

  17. @Anonymous: Oh yes, their knit wear is amazing. So cozy! And F21 does have decent jewelry at least.

    @stylemefab: That blog sounds great! What is it called? Haha, I LOVE what you said about F21! It's quite true... And thank you for asking about my exams. They went fairly well; let's hope that's true!

    @E: Thank you, and no problem about commenting on your blog. I always have something to say in response to what you write! Too bad you won't be able to check out this label...maybe one day!

    @M: Ah well, I'd like to keep that a secret. ;)

    @Dear Girl: Thank you, and I completely understand the appeal of F21. It just isn't a shop for me. And you really did have a Tavi thing going on there!

    @Dahl: I'd love to have the discounts! I have a friend who works in Armani Exchange, and his discounts are crazy! I'm going to see if he can help me get something... ;)

    @Venus in Virgo: No problem! Technology can be confusing sometimes! :)

  18. it is a great shop!!!

    hope one day open one in argentina!!



  19. They just put a new Anthro a stones throw away from where I live. It is dangerous. I love all the houseware.....never realized I needed cute, over priced measuring cups until now!

  20. I was in a rush before, forgot to click follow,now following you XOXO

  21. Better leave the plastic and your wallet at home when you visit, it certainly looks way too exciting to be good for the bank balance. :)

    Thanks for your very welcome opinion on my last post, great hearing from you.

    Hope your weekend is filled with laughter and peace.

  22. anthro is amazing!
    come visit me!


  23. Looks amazing! The blouse is amazing, you should totally get it.
    Thanks for visiting!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  24. I love Anthropologie! The clothes are so pretty but I love their housewares stuff the best. So exciting that one opened up near you!

  25. You're right on F21, I never quite understand how can they make price be so low if not underpay the workers...

  26. I love Anthropologie. Good feature - I have to admit I agree about the F21 stores, I've only been in a couple in the US and I can't spend a long time looking. Much better to have this kind of shopping experience that Anthropologie are creating. Lovely blouse, too ;-)


  27. I couldn't agree more - Anthro is such a beautiful shop and experience. The one closest to me is a flagship store and has four stories - it's in an old Beaux Arts building w/ vaulted ceilings, spiral staircases - simply amazing. Once I go in, it's hard to come out. F21..stresses me out more than any other store out there. Too jammed packed with people clawing through the overstuffed racks looking to find a "good deal".

  28. Oh yes, I was so busy talking about the clothes, I forgot they have great housewares too!

    @thestylevoyager, styleonthecouch and Marisa: I'm glad I'm not alone in my opinions of F21! I was afraid of being attacked by my readers because I know that there are a lot of people that love F21 and that shop there regularly.

  29. That is exactly how I feel about Anthropologie, it is a lifestyle not just a store or a brand. And I find that concept awfully endearing.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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