January 27, 2011

Chanel Spring 2011 Couture

The video for Chanel's Couture show has finally come out, allowing me to do a review (I don't like reviewing a collection without trying to see it in the closet way possible to the way a designer intends).  Chanel's last Spring Couture collection consisted of a bright, almost sci-fi shimmer, but for this collection, Lagerfeld introduced a softer, uplifting kind of shimmer.  The first part of the show was subdued, revealing the shimmer through detailing and sequined leggings (which are tailored beautifully to perfection):
Then came a smooth shift to a slightly more structured phase, with strict yet still soft, jackets and dresses:
The prim and polished then gave way to delicate, heavenly sparkle:
To take something as blunt as embroidery, and turn it into something as diaphanous as what we have just witnessed in this collection is all part of Lagerfeld's irreplicable skill.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. What a beautiful collection! I especially the last set of photos. I'm in awe.

    Also, thank you for the lovely comment!!

  2. Gorgeous looks! That first jacket is my fave!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Oh my goodness these looks are fabulous! I love how glamorous they are! Great picks!

    VPV Intern

  4. love this blog post!! i just did a blog entry this morning about the chanel spring/summer trunk show i went to at neimans.. please stop by and check it out :)


  5. I don't liek this show because I think that tailleurs are perfect but it's completley boring to see every time the same taillored tailleur by Chanel. However, the dresses are (apart from 5 o 6 and you psoted some of them...) not "so couture" and and sometimes too much "ethereal" and transparent and the final result, for me, is more similar a "lingerie" dresses and the shapes and colors and general apeparance of them is not young but a bit old...

    I love Lagerfeld but I cna't liek this show.


  6. thanks for your sweet comment!!

    love this! :)



  7. I thought the dresses are very soft but it doesn't really impress as much as his other collections but still very pretty! I love the last dress; the detail on the bottom is very beautiful! xoxoxoxo

  8. the collections are lovely. love the nude colour they use :) and thanks for dropping by and the lovely comment :) im now following ya :D wanna follow each other? :)* big hugs!! xxx es.


  9. Gorgeous! Love the colors! Thanks for your comment but I'm not into the whole hippy look either lol! I was talking about the more sophisticated tunic dresses and such :)Have a great weekend XOXO

  10. Chanel never disappoint! The collection is fabulous and exactly what you'd expect from Chanel. I love all the really elegant jackets and coats.

  11. Chanel.. Always takes my breath away.
    Nice to see you active as always. And by the way - I'm back in biz again. Talk to you soon. :-)
    Fashion Ranger

  12. who would'nt love Chanel's collection??gosh...everything are beautiful!i will take lots of inspiration fr these!thanks for sharing and for the sweet compliment on my headbands=)

  13. Love how thoughtful your reviews are. I have to admit, I'm less into the fantasy element of couture, but you can never say no to Chanel :)


  14. You know I really love the trousers under the tunics/dresses here. Altogether very gorgeous and ethereal ;-)


  15. Beautiful as always! I love all the soft greys ;)

  16. @E: I understand what you mean, but I see the transparent quality of the clothing as very couture, especially considering the embroidery work. And I found some looks to be geared towards the younger generation, as you can see in the slim trousers (almost look like skinny jeans), the copious amount of shimmer, and the flirty skirts and sashes.

    @Fashion Cappuccino: When I compare with his other shows, I find this one much better than his last Spring Couture collection.

    @Fashion Ranger: Glad to see you back!

    @A Daily Mishmash: Thank you! I love doing reviews! That's funny, because I see couture as being all about fantasy, and fashion too! Fantasy is why I love fashion as much as I do.

    @styleonthecouch: Me too! I think the trousers are tailored perfectly. Nice and slim, but at the same time, they look like they just skim the leg.

  17. Very cool. I'm really liking the softer, looser fit we're seeing on the runways.


  18. SOO stunning. i love anything and everything chanel, definitely a classy yet feminine chic collection. thanks for sharing this girl! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  19. I think it's fairly plain and safe for a coutour show. But I like the clothes, highly wearable.


  20. These designs are beautiful! I like the shiny leggings and the first jacket/skirt combo. I feel I'm getting a sense of 70's, 80's, and 90's returning in a lot of designers lately. I also like the wearability and feminine feel!


  21. I loved this, great!!
    Fantastic post!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE

  22. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of this collection. The color scheme is nice; but I find the aesthetics to be a bit stuffy. :/

  23. chanel is always the.best.



  24. @Rachel: I definitely see that coming back too, and I love it!

    @Cafe Fashionista: Yes, I can see what you mean by stuffy. Although I find it much better than his last spring collection, which I thought was really stuffy.