January 8, 2011

Johanna Stickland

This model feature is a very, very special one.  My fellow fashion friend and dedicated reader recently revealed to me that model Johanna Stickland went to the same school as me for two years, having graduated just last year.  I immediately unearthed my yearbooks, and yes, there she was (looking beautiful in her grad photo, may I add).  I cannot believe that I went to school not knowing that, on some days, I was in the same building as such a well-loved model.
She's known for her ethereal looks and clear blue eyes.  She was first spotted at the age of eleven, but was too young to become a model.  Five years later, the same scout that approached her at age eleven came to her again, and jump started her career.  Since then, she's graced the cover of Flare, signed up for ad campaigns with various labels, and has been a sought-after face on the runway.
According to an interview, when asked about her favourite show that she has done, she chose Chloé as the one, but her runway résumé extends far beyond that.  Here are her latest examples from Fall/Winter 2007: 
Christian Dior
Marc Jacobs
Unfortunately, she has disappeared off the runway ever since 2007, but luckily resurfaced just last year by baring all for Bambi Magazine (I won't post the photos here).  In the end, it surely is a small world!  And even though I also go to school with a math genius who is heading off to Cambridge next year on a full scholarship, and an international piano prodigy, I somehow feel that having gone to the same school as Johanna (even unknowingly) is indeed very, very special.
Image Source: Johanna, Daisy, Jil Sander, Style.com


  1. wow that is so cool that you went to the same school as her. Sometimes you forget that models are real people. She is gorgeous!

    xxo Tess S.

  2. awww...interesting you went to school with her..She is so pretty and I love her Jill Sander ad....she looks FAB in that Giles dress too...

  3. Wow....that is interesting! Must feel nice to know a beautiful and talented model went to the same school as you:D

    Btw, i finally wrote up my stylish blogger award post so check it out here!


    Have a great weekend!!!:D


  4. Wow, that's really amazing! She looks so unique! I hope she makes more appearances soon! I love it when you discover unexpected things like that! It makes the whole experience so special. It sounds like you go to a school with a lot of smart people! It must be so inspiring!! xoxoxoxoo

  5. That's so cool! And she is really pretty

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. Beautiful nymph !

  7. wow thats a great post!
    she's soooo beautiful!


  8. Maybe it's stupid and it isn't the main theme of this post: but I find the Giles Deacon dress so chic!! I didn't see it before your post (and I really thank you for this "opportunity") but I find it really really fashion, cool and so creative!! I love it...

    BTW, about the model (that I didn't know too) is nice and her MJ adv is wonderful, but it would be interesting to see her in some more recent adv...to give a "right judgement"


  9. Hi there,

    Nice blog!
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  10. In reply to your comment:
    If I could, I don't think I'd shop from either of them. Aldo AND Spring has pretty poor quality shoes. For those prices though, I could not resist.

  11. Oh wow, how very cool that she went to the same school as you. She is a doll.

  12. She looks so fab in the Jill Sander ad. It's so fun when you realize you have a brush with fame. Closest I came was when Jessica Beal went to college while I was there:) It was no fun- try being at a party with a celeb in college, they get all the attention!!

  13. Oh I don't know her, but she has a very unique look!

  14. how cool is that :) You never who your class mate will end up to be in future :) She is very pretty girl and superb you shared that on your blog! xx

  15. she is so gorgeous - and awesome that you both went to the same school, it's interesting to see what people end up doing! x

  16. SO cool you went to school with her!
    Mariah Carey went to my High School! :) hehe:P



  17. Hi

    Very interesting post. It is a very very small world for sure LOL

    kisses from Brazil*


  18. @E: That's perfectly on topic! I thought the exact same when I saw that dress. I knew I had to post it. Johanna doesn't seem to have anything new lately other than her Bambi spread (which you can easily find online).

    @The Little Dust Princess: I agree, although Aldo often has much better quality than Spring. I have found some good things in Aldo, but then again, the prices for those things weren't exactly cheap.

    @Noelani: Haha! Still a great experience though, I'm sure!

    @M: That's crazy! :D

  19. i will feel also as special as you do if i knew a model like her went to the same school that i did ....i will be really proud of it! thanks for dropping by my blog=)

  20. ela é maravilhosa.
    amei o post.

  21. She really is beautiful in an unearthly way. :) It's so funny that you went to the same school with her and never even knew....maybe you were in the same hallway even but since you were not expecting to see her you did not.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Canada

  22. What a fun discovery! And she was very lucky to have attended the same school as you, even if she was unaware. xoxo

  23. It's a small world,right? That's a cool tidbit :)
    Some famed peeps went to my school too XOXO

  24. Wow!! A degree of separation from fashion fame!

  25. HAHAH omg you went to school with her?! I love Johanna, but her look is very 2006 very elfin. She has got some new modeling pics on her facebook but no runways.

    You nominated me for Stylish Blogger Award?! I have no idea what it is (care to enlighten me? Drop me an email if you'd like) but THANK YOU!

    Thanks for the lovely comment as always.

  26. I love how she has such a range while still being epherial. She is very beautiful...

  27. Thanks for introducing her! I've never heard of her before, but she sure is pretty!

  28. I love love love the Giles dress <3