February 22, 2015

Right On Point

Note: I actually bought these shoes a year ago, but finally got the chance to post this!

As mentioned in Missing the Point, I've been searching for the perfect pair of black, pointed toe flats to go with my business pants.  It was surprisingly difficult to find a good pair - either the design was too boring, too trendy, or the material wasn't quality enough. Although not perfect, these flats from Town Shoes were my closest bet, being the only pair I still had my eye on after months of searching.

What really sold me on these flats was the softness of the bowties, and the leather inner and upper. Despite experiencing some doubt over the fabric piping, I realized the chances of me finding a better pair of shoes were slim.

However, the process of obtaining these flats was an absolute headache.  I had initially waited too long for these $140 pair of shoes to go on sale, to the point all the stores in my city no longer had them in stock by the end of the summer. I thought all was lost until I went back to university for the start of the school year, and found them nestled in the sales rack of one of the local malls.  They had a green pair for $40, but the black pair was discounted only to $120.  The green pair was an obvious steal, but in the end, it was the black I needed.  Could I wait any longer and risk having them go out of stock again?  After much internal struggle, I took the opportunity before me and purchased both colours. I consider that purchase one of the biggest splurges I have ever made, and I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt when I passed over my credit card.  But for the sake looking more put together at work and during business occasions, sacrifices must be made.  They also look killer with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, so...I guess they're worth it.


  1. Those moments...
    I think the last time I bought a pair was December for $8.00 sale...
    After that, all my money goes for decor stuff that are my new thing now...
    Well, someday I had to remind myself to not forget what my life was before--fashion.

    During my show 2 weeks ago, I wore a pair of Lucky Brand boots that I purchased 3 years ago for $200, sitting brand new in my closet. I thought it was about the time. (It has embroidery) I purchased it with the desire to wear an Erkan Demir boots that cost $500+ I believe, it was somewhat similar but somewhat I could afford heartbreaking too. At that time, I have no credit card and no job when I made my $200 purchase..so ughhhh... sacrifices that we make is really worth it.

    Thanks for offering if I ever have a flea show...:)

    1. $8! What a steal! As I've said before, I love seeing that you've found a new, exciting passion. Fashion will always be a part of you, even if you're not in the industry anymore. I don't think we'll ever lose our love of dressing up.

      And those boots must have been quite a splurge for you, but in the end, it's always worth it when fashion makes you feel unstoppable!

  2. they're timeless! even if you bought them a year ago, they're still totally ON POINT :)