February 20, 2015

Alexander Wang for H&M

Ok, ok, I know. Alexander Wang for H&M came out 3 months ago, so my annual H&M collaboration review is somewhat pointless. But you can appreciate fashion whenever you wish - not just when it's in-stores.

My first real encounter with Alexander Wang was back in 2010 when I came across a velvet and chiffon dress of his in Holt Renfrew, but it wasn't until a couple months later when he released his Fall/Winter 2011 RTW collection that I finally started to appreciate his design ability and aesthetic. Let's take a look at what he did for H&M:

Looks like Wang's inviting us to become an agent in his new-age, underground army. Wang's signature athleticism is alive and kicking (and throwing a couple punches) in his "come at me" urbanwear. I was getting Ender's Game vibes from this video - futuristic fighters carrying out a grand plan with Wang at the helm.

The pieces are utilitarian, with grey tones that highlight your inner strength and power. Snakeskin and geometric patterns add fashion flair to the stone shades; you can always count on Wang to shake things up with achingly cool street gear. What I found most interesting was the humorously obnoxious use of Alexander Wang's logo. Is Wang simply riffing on the idea that H&M consumers are more keen on showing off the fact they are wearing a designer collaboration, or is he creating an identifier for his urban troop? Whatever it is, if you're a part of the Alexander Wang army, you are certainly not to be underestimated.

Image Source: AvantGuardian, EOnline


  1. I wasn't impressed by too many pieces in this collection, first of all the collection was not designed for the "normal" person, if you don't have a model body most pieces would look absolutely ridiculous. ....I did purchase the shoes and I must say I always get compliments on them...


    1. Stylemefab, what a pleasant surprise seeing you here! You bring up a good point - with the cocoon shapes, crop tops and body con dresses, this may not cater well to all body types. Margiela's collection was likely considered unwearable, yet at least you could argue it was appropriate for different body types. Versace too. But I see a strong focus on athleticism here, so I understand if these pieces target those with more toned bodies. The heels from this collection are indeed amazing though!