February 18, 2011

Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

I just could not go through my Fall/Winter 2012 reviews without mentioning Alexander Wang.  His collection blew me away.  There is no denying Wang has talent, but I generally find his work too sporty and edgy for my taste.  However, for Fall 2012, Wang infused a current of luxury that ran underneath his usual cool-girl looks.  Wang started off by showing us the true meaning of stylish outerwear with a parka cape:

What came next was the thing that really hit me: Wang's interpretation of fashion metamorphosis.

Then Wang brought out perfectly slouchy pieces with exaggerated zipper detailing, made into pockets:

Now this is where glamour started to emerge.  Wang paired satin with knit sweaters, and at times, melted them together.  He then introduced shimmering accents to his outerwear pieces.

After a period of sheer fabric, and hybrids between tuxedo jackets and outerwear, Wang finished off with slashed satin ribbons.

With unique shapes, cuts and plenty of hybridizations, Wang has captured the hearts of many fashion affectionados and is obviously refusing to let go...not that we want him to.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. love the huge coats !

  2. not sure about this A wang collection.. like the shoes though, always do.

  3. Im very upset with Alexander Wang because he dressed to my lovely Natasha with an awfull clothe, I don't like it :(
    But at least there were beauty pieces =/

    See you :)

  4. I think my problem is that I look at collections as a shopper and not an art critic, and I think Wang has gotten to a point where he's not as wearable. So even though I appreciate it from an innovative point of view, I just can't love it the way I loved his first few collections

  5. omgg Alexander Wang's collection is amazing! i love all the colors, esp that neutral light pink cape. thanks so much for sharing this! he's def one of my fave designers :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  6. Another one of my favorite collections, loved the gray coat with yellow pockets. And those metallic shoes...a girl can dream ;)

  7. Loving this! The way he combined the different colours and fabrics is amazing! Especially the knits with the satin. I seriously wanna take the pants of the girl in the 6th picture, so amazing

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  8. i'm liking the sheer elements a lot!

  9. This show is complicate, for me, to judge. In fact I love some outfits and dresses of the shows (such as the fringe gold one worn also by Anna dello RUsso) but I can't understand other clothes. SOmetimes, during the collection. I htink that Wang forgot the "feminine silhouette" purposing "wonderful parka/capes but nor really feminine..."


  10. hmm, it's not my favourite show.. but I do love the golden skirt..

  11. So glad there are bloggers like you to give interesting, insightful posts like this! This collection really stands out; I love the way Wang infused seemingly unmatchable pieces. A mix of satin and knits? It looks stunning! I really love the outerwear, especially the giant, voluminous parkas.

  12. I quite liked this collection. The coats do look really good. I love all the black.

  13. This was obviously a collection loved by some, and not so loved by others!

    @A Daily Mishmash: That's not a problem at all! From a consumer point of view, I can see why this collection is not very appealing. But since I choose to look at this collection from a fashion point of view, I think it's incredibly successful. I'm excited to see how this will translate into retail!