February 15, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

I've gotten another wonderful request from dear reader Fashion Ranger to take a look at Tommy Hilfiger.  As Fashion Ranger said, Tommy Hilfiger is a label that doesn't get much coverage on fashion blogs.  Whether that is for good reason or not, let's give Hilfiger a little recognition!  After all, Tommy Hilfiger celebrated 25 years in business last year.  For this collection, the partnership with Peter Som continued to infuse a livelier edge to Hilfiger's usual classics:
As usual, Hilfiger brought out beachy sportswear, but this was a bit more fun and preppy than what Hilfiger normally does, as can be seen in the casual bow ties:
As the show shifted into evening (late afternoon might be more fitting in this case), this invigorating preppy style continued down the runway, but pared down onto a softer note:
As for the men in this collection, the focal point was the leg.  The eyes naturally fell right to the bright, rolled up chinos or shorts with candy-coloured socks:
I'll admit that I stopped closely following Tommy Hilfiger a long time ago, but with this collection being such an energetic revitalization, I just might put Tommy Hilfiger back on my radar.  This collection was a nice way for Hilfiger to celebrate 25 years and to look forward to a future not unlike his collection - a bright, new, fun future.

Watch the entire show here.

By the way, as Fall/Winter 2012 collections get under way, just let me know if there are any collections you want to see reviewed here!  I've gotten one suggestion already, and I'm going to start my Fashion Week marathon soon!

Image Source: Style.com


  1. hilfiger seriously does hampton chic so well!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I love it so much.
    Hilfiger is the AMAZING clothing line that everyone seems to forget! I love their menswear aswell as womens wear. It's so preppy and has this amazing feel to it.
    I have two knitted sweaters which I love and wear way too often!

    Anyways - thank you once again for doing this.

    Loads of love from Sweden,
    Jacob Hubertus

  3. loving the first couple of looks (the first is esp killer!)

  4. Good heavens these images make soooo freaking impatient for summer. I want the warmth and I want to wear these clothes!

  5. one thing about hilfiger: he gets east coast summertime chic like no other. that long yellow number is gorgeous...the red coat, too.

  6. These presentation of Tommy is amazing!! I cant believe Tommy actually evolve for 25 years. All of his collections is amazing

  7. Hilfiger is one of my favorite designers. I love your picks, all of them make me feel like summer needs to get here soon!!!

    Fall/Winter 2012 collections....Jason Wu or monique lhuillier reviews would be great. I know you did monique lhuillier before so I would love for you to do her new collection...

  8. never really looked at tommy hilfiger collections before, but I like it:) I'll try to make an all white outfit soon;) just gotta find the right way to put things.

  9. Sorry but I don't really like Hilfiger, it's a problem of style and innovations. He designs the same clothes and models, in different colors, every season and his brand is more similar to "cheap, commercial brand" than to "fashion brand". So maybe I've clichps on his creation but I can't like his clothes ;(


  10. The Hilfiger skirts look great!
    very colorful,

  11. Wow! This collection is incredible - it may be my favorite for Spring/Summer 2011. Especially loving the first look!! :)

  12. i went to that show:)



  13. THIS is Tommy Hilfiger! I'm impressed! Love it all, but that fifth outfit in is perfect for spring + summer! ♥

  14. Love this show, the clothes are fabulous! I love the bright preppy items so much, for both men and women
    Thanks for visiting!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  15. great collection!!!

    xoxo from rome

  16. the prints and colors are gorgeous, in fact i saved some of my best picks for my own inspirations! THANKS! ps.re the award, no worries, I myself took 2 weeks to find a spot=)

  17. Oh yes! I'm loving this collection, obviously because of the colors! I LOVE the orange trench!

    See you :)

  18. Loving all the bright colors and cutouts.

  19. I used to watch his shows on style.com before and I always like his clothes. They're very modern, chic and young! I love this collection (It's one of my favorites!) and the guys' outfits are as chic as the ladies :-) xoxoxoo

  20. @E: That was one of the reasons why I had stopped following Tommy Hilfiger. I felt that his brand had plateaued, but this collection was a surprise for me. I think this collection is fresher and livelier. I agree that he became more of a commercial brand over time, but this may be the beginning of his climb back up. We will see!

  21. I totally love this post ! Lovely post ...