February 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

Even though I finished my Spring/Summer 2011 RTW reviews back in November, The Traditionalist has requested a look at Ralph Lauren's collection (The Traditionalist is an avid lover of Ralph Lauren and he himself could easily model for the label if he wanted to!).  What I love about Ralph Lauren is that it's always classic, and that the label has built a lifestyle around its clothing.  For Spring 2011, Lauren explored a very popular theme among his collections: the wild West.
But this is far from your ordinary cowgirl, this is your cowgirl who has an eye for luxe detailing and fabrics, and who knows how to work a crisp white shirt as well as fringe:
Despite having such a spare, sandy colour palette, Lauren demonstrated that all-white certainly has an impact, especially when done in lace:
And with that, Lauren moved on to evening by pairing casual Western elements with rich fabrics and embellishments:
Never have I seen the Western look done so glamorously that, even for a city girl like me, the countryside has never looked better.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. The wild west has been done to death lol! I usually like RL-he has romantic designs but these look a little bit tacky. Especially that silver skirt with a plaid shirt,so not well matched. But we all have different styles XOXO

  2. I don't like Ralph lauren a lot...However, I agree with your review (especially about the cow girl...) and I'd like that RL tries to really make osme evenign dressess...more "elegant", sophisticated and innovative than the actual one that he is making.


  3. Great description of RL, his clothes, and the style of the brand. I totally agree that this collection has a rock and roll flair and he's done a great job! There are some lovely pieces--especially the dresses at the end and the lace details. However, I feel like the collection as a whole is a bit too safe, a bit un-experimental. I mean how far can you push the colors white and brown?

  4. What I do like about this collection though (in spite of my "eh" towards the whole cowboy aesthetic) is that a lot of these separates would look fabulous if take out and styled differently

  5. thanks dear!!!!
    white is so chic! really nice outfits!

  6. Maybe I'm the girl with the most crazy concept about a cowgirl, because my favourite outfit of this collection is the white dress and the black hat.
    I love the idea, but that look is awesome, I would love to wear something like that everyday (l)

    See you :)

  7. So much in love with the fringe skirt!! I love ralph lauren shirts! they always have amazing patterns

  8. 4th one down is my fav. That skirt is amazing! Ralph Lauren is so classic and beautiful.

  9. I always enjoy watching Ralph Lauren shows and this collection is exceptional! The white on white ensembles are so clean and chic and the dresses are very sensual but not overwhelming. I love to wear something like that if I move to a country side :-) xoxoxoo

  10. I dream of owning a white Ralph Lauren shirt..

  11. You are just too adorable!

    Very good post and your view and opinions are very correct and similar to mine.

    Too bad you don't have Facebook, would love to connect with you.

    Feel free to do a request for my blog aswell if you have any nice pictures that fits, preferably advertising ones.

    Many hugs, you are amazing, thank you.


    The Daily Traditionalist

  12. i love this collection! everything about it is just perfect!
    thanks for the comment on my blog! i know how it is to be a broke college student myself...but as for my outfits, honestly everything i own is thrifted! so that saves a lot of money! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  13. Love these pictures, the dress on the last picture is my favorite! Love the way he combined the luxury with the cowgirlishness (from now on that'll be a word) and just like you said, for a city-girl like I usually don't like the cowgirl look (especially cowboy-boots, they are amazing), but like this I wouldn't mind wearing it everyday!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  14. even though I have never been a big fan of cow-girl style I have to admit that Ralph Lauren certainly knows how to deliver. Good choice of collection this time as well and I especially liked the asian girl's outfit, number 8!

    Thanks for your lovely comments // Swedish Fashionista

  15. Gah! This is seriously one of the most exquisite collections I have ever laid eyes on! Can't you just envision editorials of models wearing these looks in settings such as barnyards and riding horses? Such a majestic lot!! :)

  16. You are so right - white when done in lace makes my heart melt. Dress like that and I will fall in love immediately. It's interesting and funny that both white lace and black lace looks so good.

    Good post. You should do one featuring Tommy Hilfiger - I think Tommy H is a brand many people in the blogging world forgets about. Only features like a cardigan or something and thats so sad cause Tommy H does amazing mens and womens clothing.


  17. girl i love how those outfits look!

  18. hey girl:) thanks lots! the satorialist is awesome yes:) I think populair doesnt always equal great quality of the blog.. and yep, its sometimes almost weird to think how much people own.

  19. Beautiful. That last gown is incredible ... resembles molten silver! Happy Monday, sweetie-pie!

  20. OMG thats just so feminine, stylish and Ralph Lauren :) loving it! great post girl!


  21. Ralph Lauren is definitely a label for a select few. Not everyone is fond of the kind of lifestyle that Lauren has created, but his pieces will forever be classic.

    @Venus in Virgo: That's funny, because that outfit was actually my favourite! The mix of a rough plaid shirt with an uber-glam skirt was just perfect!

    @E...: I had a feeling Ralph Lauren would not be your type of label. You are really more about innovative designers! :D

    @Dahl: That's true, but I've seen several designers use a very limited colour palette to great success. Haha, from Lauren, I don't expect much experimental work.

    @A Daily Mishmash: Yeah, the entire cowboy look is not appealing to me, but separates work wonderfully.

    @deppa: That is certainly a more equestrian look...great look nonetheless!

    @Liana: I really need to get into thrift shopping! There are some great things out there to be found!

    @Sootjeelina: Oh yes, if there's anything cowboy I like, it's cowboy boots.

    @Fashion Ranger: Lace anything makes my heart melt! And yes, black lace is just as gorgeous as white...a bit sexier though. And certainly I can do Tommy Hilfiger! I'll let you know when I post it!

  22. I am fairly confident that Ralph Lauren can do no wrong when it comes to wonderful basics!

  23. awesome post...i love the fringes and the laces, the huge bag and the lingerie..=) I will also watch "The Office"---=)

  24. God, I love Ralph Lauren!! Even though I personally am not at all keen on the Wild West look, Ralph Lauren makes it seem appealing and even elegant! Done as only RL could :)
    Love this post!


  25. I'm not a huge fan of these but I do like some of the floor length dresses and I can appreciate the fringe details

  26. Hey! I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and I can say it's fab!
    Actually, before I read you post I never liked RL but now, I have to think about it again, I guess.... ;D
    Have a look at my blog, please. What about following each other? xoxo Nini

  27. i was at this show last fw! amazing!

    come by my new giveaway!!!



  28. These are all so beautiful and unique! I really love that white dress 3rd to last photo, just amazing!


  29. The last dress is awesome!! i really love it.. Ralph Laurent is classic but have a brushes of cool and future trends!



  30. the white is so nice, I love the pairing of white and silver. ahh if only I wasn't so accident prone that I can wear white more often haha

  31. I personally do not like the cowboy/western look but combined with the clean colors and different materials - this makes me want to rock the shit out of outfit with the silver skirt and plaid shirt. fuck yeah rl!


  32. I really like this collection, and especially this style. My favorite outfits are pictures 2 and 4 :))