December 10, 2010

Fashion Week Diary

Right now, I'm making my way through the September 2010 issue of Flare (I know, I'm behind!).  I came across a fascinating spread in the magazine called Fashion Week Dairies.  It consists of four diaries written by four fashion influencers during Fall/Winter 2010 fashion week.  Below is my favourite one written by Flare's fashion director, Elizabeth Cabral (this is taken word-for-word):

Between 85 fashion shows and multiple showroom appointments, Elizabeth Cabral has an action-packed week.  She juggles tracking the top trends and blogging about the shows for, with nights out on the town.  All the while, she must look photo-ready for the street-style snappers.
NYC February 11: A relatively light first day of shows, but a great evening at Oliver Theyskens book launch at Barneys.
NYC February 12: I check out the Canadian contingency in New York.  Jeremy Laing shows fur for the first time - fabulous!  And Rita Liefhebber makes her dramatic debut in a truck in a Chelsea lumberyard.
NYC February 15: I arrive at the Armory 45 minutes early for the Marc Jacobs show - can't take any chances since he started five minutes early last season.  The entire set is made of cardboard and all the models are lined up underneath a huge brown paper box that Jacobs tears open.
NYC February 16: Photoblogger Tommy Ton snaps my boots for today.
NYC February 18: I feel like a Ping-pong ball going between Chelsea and the Bryant Park tents all week.  Love seeing Kristen McMenamy at Calvin Klein.
Paris March 3: Just got off the overnight flight to Paris and heading straight to the Dries Van Noten show.  Also, trying to plan my wardrobe for the week - intimidating when you're with a thousand of the world's best-dressed fashion lovers.
Paris March 4: I attend the exclusive Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb anniversary party at Le Meurice Hotel.  Grace Jones is singing "Welcome to the Jungle" on the stage for a who's who fashion crowd.
Paris March 5: Serious insomnia last night and I have a 10 a.m. Roland Mouret show in the Marais district.  I decide to take the subway but get lost upon exiting.  I finally find my way and just make the opening of the show.  Unfortunately, I've lost my seat, but at least I'm standing in good company - next to Christian Louboutin.  The next show, Lanvin, is absolutely stunning!
Paris March 6: A few days into Paris fashion Week and the major trend are obvious: fur, military, minimalism and a sea of camel and grey.  I'm conceptualizing editorial shoots in my head already.  This is when I'm most inspired.
Paris March 8: Two important showroom appointments today: Tom Binns jewelery at the Hôtel de Crillon (where I share an elevator with legendary photographer Mario Testino) and Balenciaga (the highlight of my week).
Paris March 10: Finish the week with a close-up look of Alexander McQueen's last collection at his showroom.  His pieces are so beautiful, I'm speechless.  I especially love the winged booties.  So inspiring and so very sad.
The other three diaries are from makeup artist Simone Otis, top model Alana Zimmer, and photo-blogger Tommy Ton.  If you want to take a peek into one of the other three diaries, just let me know which one!

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  1. What an amazing week you've had, lovely!!!

    And those Alexander McQueen boots are A-MAZING!
    *in love*

    xoxo Summer * NEW FOLLOWER :)

  2. oh wow those shoes are so killer!



  4. Think they think this is ur diary (haha)! I like candid fashion shots they r so cool!

  5. Amazing pictures! And I always think September Issues are the best of the year
    Btw, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. Oh, I so love the concept of these diaries - what a fabulous idea!! :)

  7. Amazing week and pics. I love the Hardy for Balenciaga shoes (one of the msot interesting of this season and, very sad, they were not appreciated by the fashion system) and the McQueen ones are just wonderful (but from the alst show of McQueen I wanted something more about the accessories).

    most amazing ones ive EVER seen!


  9. Love it, and omg thos shoes are GREAT!

  10. Those shoes are really cool!

  11. thanks for the sharing :) love those pictures :) ♥ xxx

  12. Oh my god, these shoes from Alexander Mc Queen are stunning !!!

  13. What a great diary!! I would love to read about Tommy Ton's diary! That would be amazing! And I love the post you did on Abbey Lee! I've followed her since her first introduction on and so happy to see where she is today! xoxoxooxo

  14. thanks for your comment;) LOVE THIS POST! awesome shoes:)

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  15. Wooow, that's quite a lifestyle! So interesting to read! You always have such inspiring posts sweetie.

    Love Iben

  16. @Summer: Yes, it would be, if it were my diary! ;)

    @Cupcake: Haha! I know! I knew that there were going to be people who would think this is my diary. Although I sure wouldn't mind it if it were...what an amazing life!

    @Fashion Cappuccino: You got it! His diary is quite interesting as well! And thanks...I do enjoy doing these model features.

  17. Great pics, very informative post, thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my last post, I agree on both counts, Penny does have lovely legs, (I am sure it's not just the dress) and Sienna's calves are fabulously shaped.

    Hope your weekend is going well.


  18. Wow, this sounds like a really interesting spread! How interesting to read about life during Fashion Week for a fashion director. She looks gorgeous of course in all the photos, but it must take an intense amount of concentration and organization. Hey, btw, CONGRATS on 100 followers!!!

  19. love those shoes. amazing post. thanx for the lovely comments

  20. Awesome post, amazing shoes :) I'm following! xx

  21. Very interesting. I love the shoes!!! Really beautiful!

    kisses from Brazil*

  22. the shoes... is making me speechless :0

  23. Amazing post. It is so interesting to get an insider's peek into Fashion Week. Thank you for sharing that amazing spread.

  24. @Dahl: I know! What I love about this spread is that it shows that being a fashion director is not all glamour. It consists of long hours, tight schedules, a strong sense of independence, and the thick skin required to be scrutinized about what you wear. And thank you for the congratulations! But how many of them are true followers, well... ;)