September 25, 2011

First Year!

Can you believe it?  It's already been one year since I started this blog.  One year ago, I logged on to Blogger, worked fervently to make all the ideas I had for my blog come to life, and finally opened Red-Soled Fashionista to the world.

To celebrate this special day, this anniversary between my blog and I, you can rest assured that I will not repost my best outfits from the past year (I don't even have any photos!), I will not talk about how many followers I've gotten (because really, you honestly think each and every one of them reads your blog?), and I will not write about how this blog has changed my life.  While my blog has provided me with opportunities I will forever be grateful for, in the end, my blog is for my own enjoyment.  At this one year milestone, I can truthfully say that my biggest accomplishment is not having number of followers, but rather, my biggest accomplishment is having started this blog in the first place.

Two years ago, after becoming exposed to the idea of fashion blogging, the idea stuck to me.  I couldn't shake it off.  Not long after, starting a fashion blog became one of my life goals.  However, what stopped me from starting a blog two years ago was fear.  Fear of falling behind in school, and fear that I wasn't knowledgable enough to label myself a fashion blogger.  After all, I had absolutely no connection whatsoever to the fashion industry, and everything I knew about fashion was purely self-taught.  So with that fear haunting me, I told myself I would start a blog after high school graduation.  But mingled with that fear was desire.  I found myself daydreaming about what my blog would be called, what design it would have, and what topics I would talk about.  Although sadly, all throughout that year, fear won over my desire.  It wasn't until September 25, 2010 when I suddenly realized that if I didn't start a blog right now and then, there was a huge chance I would keep on convincing myself to postpone its creation.  Therefore, in an almost mad rush, I started Red-Soled Fashionista.  When I typed up my first post and clicked "Publish", I must say, it was euphoria.

Now you see, my biggest accomplishment was getting over my fear.  If it weren't for that day when I was either crazy, or had finally come to my senses, my blog would not exist.  Whether my blog exists or not may not be that big of an importance to you, but it certainly is for me.  My blog is proof of my determination, ambition and my love for fashion.  It represents that very special day I decided to take a risk.  So to celebrate the birthday of Red-Soled Fashionista, here are cakes that, quite obviously, couldn't be more fitting:
But if cakes aren't your thing, possibly macaroons are?

Happy birthday Red-Soled Fashionista!  I look forward to many, many more years with you.

Image Source: Photo 12, 3, 4, 5

September 8, 2011

Generation Gap No More

Now that I've finally settled into university and can spare an iota of time for my blog, here's a post that I had written up in March:

When I was a kid, Gap Kids used to have nice pieces that I would pester my parents into buying.  Once I reached my teenage years, Gap Kids was no longer an option, and neither was Gap.  Gap conjured up images of khaki, and pieces that were, quite frankly, boring and bland.  Even after Patrick Robinson took over and promised a younger, more fashionable perspective, I still wasn't entirely impressed with Gap.  However, after deciding to drop by a Gap store after a recent renovation, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Gap that pays a bit more attention to fashion, while still maintaining its comfortable, basic look.  One piece I found that perfectly sums up this new vision is this sheer trim blazer in a colour called New Bisque (it also comes in black):

I saw this blazer on a mannequin, and what caught my eye was obviously the sheer trim.  Blazers have been done many times over; what makes a blazer unique is in the detailing or fabric.  The sheer trim adds a casual air to the blazer, but it's still stylishly appropriate for the office.  I actually tried this blazer on, and although not well illustrated in the photo, the tailoring is crisp, and the lines just severe enough to achieve that nice, polished look. 

Image Source: Gap