November 30, 2010

Miranda Kerr

At the request of Fivetwocharm, Miranda Kerr is up next on this blog's model feature!
Miranda is the perfect model to feature after Chanel Iman, seeing as Miranda is also very well-known for her work at Victoria's Secret, as well as her extremely cute dimples and lingerie-ready body.  She's been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2007!
She always looks impeccable out on the streets too.  The world is her runway:
She's married to Orlando Bloom, and they're expecting their first child in January 2011, so we've been seeing less of her lately.
Despite being five months pregnant, she still did one Spring/Summer 2011 show:
If there are any models you want to see featured, just give me a shout if you haven't done so already!

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November 29, 2010

The Study of Fashion

I'm giddy with excitement over the opening of an Anthropologie store in a mall near me coming December.  I always see Anthropologie's pieces in magazines, and have always wanted to walk into one of their stores.  And now it's possible!  Anthropolgie makes amazing feminine pieces, and often has the most unique bits of detailing on their tops.
Anthropologie not only has great clothing, but also some of the most creative scarves you'll ever see:
Thank you Anthropologie for opening here!  And just in time for Christmas too!

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November 27, 2010

Chanel Iman

At the request of my dear anonymous reader and Project INVOGUE, Chanel Iman is up next on this blog's model feature!  I wasn't surprised at all to see her recommended; I knew someone would suggest her.
She's quickly become one of our latest batch of supermodels, and she is well loved by many.  I remember that the first time I heard about her, I thought that her name was incredibly unique.  "Chanel" for Coco Chanel, and "Iman" for the legendary Iman.  And in fact, "Chanel" does come from Coco Chanel, but "Iman" doesn't come from the supermodel; it came from her cousin.
She is probably most well-known for her undeniably cute-as-a-button features, and her young, down to earth personality.  As well, many people know her for her work as a Victoria's Secret model, and this year, she obtained the coveted position of a Victoria's Secret Angel!
As expected, she walked for numerous Spring/Summer 2011 shows:
Carolina Herrera
Michael Kors
Ralph Lauren
Oscar de la Renta
Dolce & Gabbana
Christian Dior
If there are any models you want to see featured, just give me a shout if you haven't done so already!

Image Source: Chanel, Off-Duty,, Victoria's Secret

November 26, 2010

High and Low

I love trying out new things when it comes to dressing up.  That's why I love trends so much.  Trends are not all about wearing the latest and the greatest, but rather trends are a way for us to experiment with different styles and to explore the innovations of dressing up.  Today was the first time I tried wearing long socks with boots.

I've avoided this trend for a while now, simply because I didn't realize I had socks that were long enough.  But after seeing a girl from my school sporting this look, I was inspired to dig through my closet, and I happily found a pair of long tan socks that belonged to my mom.  I paired them up with my brown leather boots and a pair of leggings, and I was good to go!

This is a very cute trend, as well as practical.  It adds an extra layer, giving you a chance to prolong the use of your tights and leggings into those mild autumn days.  This isn't a particularly difficult trend to pull off, but I find that it looks better when only a small portion of the sock is visible.  If the boots are too short, or the socks too long, the proportions don't seem to work.

Some people love this trend, some people hate it, but I think it's fun to see your socks peeking out just a little bit.  Not only that, but it also gives people the illusion that you're an expert in the art of layering!

Image Source: You Plus StyleFashionising, Fashion Takes Flight, Whatyayalikes

November 25, 2010

Tanya Dziahileva

At the request of a dear anonymous reader (I know who you are now!), Tanya Dziahileva is up next on this blog's model feature!
Tanya is undoubtedly known for her elfish look, which consists of her captivating eyes, prominent pout and sharp features.  She gives off an almost eerie, otherworldly and ethereal aura.  You can't help but think a beautiful creature from outer space has landed on earth whenever you see her on the runway.  Below is one of my favourite moments of her.  Back in Spring 2008, she walked for Versace looking like an angel:
Here she is looking just as beautiful off-duty as she does on the runway:
Surprisingly and sadly, she didn't walk any Spring/Summer 2011 shows, and therefore her most recent appearance was at Christian Dior Resort 2011 (those red lips really glam up her usual look, don't they?):
If you have models you want to see featured, don't hesitate to give me a shout if you haven't done so already!

Image Source: Tanya,, Off-duty1, Off-duty2, Off-duty3

November 23, 2010

Coach Clones

Where I am, Coach stores are popping up in almost every mall in the city.  Now, I have a like-hate relationship (love is too strong a word) with Coach.  I like the majority of their leather bags, accessories and shoes:
But I hate their fabric, monogrammed bags:
And "hate", in this case, is not too strong a word.  Over the past couple of years, Coach has expanded to reach a larger group of consumers, namely the middle-class.  Although I have nothing wrong with making more affordable bags, I think Coach is really beginning to cheapen itself.
I can guarantee myself that whenever I go out, I am bound to see at least a couple Coach bags.  There have been days when I've literally seen seven Coach bags in the course of two hours...all made out of monogrammed fabric.  I see all kinds of people carrying them: young teenagers to elderly women.  I see fake ones, real ones, big ones, small ones...
I walk into a Coach outlet store, and that's the worst.  The line-up at the cashier goes on forever, and some people are purchasing four bags at once.  I'm embarrassed to say I own a fabric, monogrammed Coach bag myself.  I never use it because I can't quite bring myself to carry it around the street and simply blend in with practically everyone else.  Even though Coach isn't the only handbag label, from what I see, it might as well be.

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November 21, 2010

Agyness Deyn

After writing my Loco Over Coco post, dear reader Analia mentioned Agyness Deyn and inspired me to give other models a bit of the limelight on this blog!  Ok, so we all know Agyness Deyn...that punky, short-haired girl who is constantly changing her look.  She rocks the whole punk look very well:
But she can be elegant if she wants to (although it's rare):
She's known not only for being a chameleon, but for that amazing angular face, and her messy tomboy hair.  She's also known for being extremely quirky and having her own unique sense of style. 
She only did two Spring/Summer 2011 shows this year; no wonder I felt like I haven't seen her in a long time!
Alexander Wang
If you have any models you want to see featured, just give me a shout!

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