January 14, 2018

Product Review: Eva Leather

For me, wallets have always been an item of functionality. A disgraceful thing for a fashion fanatic to admit, but as long as a wallet can hold cards and keep cash, I will use it. As a kid, I started off with a horrendous fabric, velcro holder. Years later, I moved on to a red, faux-leather portefeuille with quality so poor it was painfully obvious in the loose seams, glued-on pieces, and scratched hardware. Nowadays, I carry a more sophisticated wallet with a subtle checkered pattern and brown piping. Yet despite having "upgraded" since my childhood, every wallet I have ever owned has been gifted to me, so I have never really used one that speaks to my own sense of style.

Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to review some wallets from Eva Leather, I wandered into a new, unexplored territory of wallet shopping.

Eva Leather is an online shop offering genuine leather handbags, wallets and belts at wholesale prices. I ended up receiving two wallets: Rosaire Huguette, and Rosaire Catherine.

Rosaire Huguette

Rosaire Huguette is a larger wallet (approximately the size of a small purse) that stood out to me because of its functionality and clean, silver hardware clasp. As someone who prefers smooth leather, I selected a light blue shade from all the colour options thinking it would soften the texture of the pebbled leather - and it does! The interior comes with ample room to fit numerous cards, cash, receipts, and even a phone.

What I like about this wallet first and foremost is the number of different compartments. It comes with a back pocket, an inner pocket, a zippered pouch, and even additional card holders along the front. The Huguette will do a fantastic job of holding everything I need it to hold. However, at the size of a small purse, this wallet is much larger than what I am accustomed to. I would have liked to see it in a smaller size, because I think even if it were to be shrunken down on all sides, its usefulness would still be retained.

The silver hardware adds a polished touch to the Huguette, and I appreciate the chic use of a lock as a zipper pull on the interior pouch. Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo, the inner zipper will rub against the leather flap above it. I'm afraid that is an unavoidable side effect of the design, though I acknowledge Eva Leather did add cardboard separators in the wallet before shipping to help prevent scratching. Another comment I have is regarding the silver clasp in the front. Although it is very elegant in design, the middle portion simply snaps shut. I imagine a lot of future wear and tear on the clasp, and would suggest a magnetic closure instead.

Overall, I am impressed with the softness of the leather and how the compartments are designed to offer a lot of functionality. My mom tends to use larger wallets, so this will actually be perfect for her!

Rosaire Catherine

Although Rosaire Catherine was sent to me by surprise as an additional item, I am pleasantly pleased with it. This wallet is smaller in size and more understated in its silver hardware. Like the Huguette, the leather is soft and comes in a feminine light blue colour.

The interior offers pretty much all the functionality I would need. A couple more card slots and a clear panel to put my bus pass in would have been appreciated, but I am still very happy with the compartments provided. The size is perfect, and I adore the leather strap closure. Because it feeds so smoothly through the elegant clasp, opening and closing the wallet becomes a deliciously gratifying act. I will definitely make good use of this wallet, and look forward to using it with my more refined outfits.

Many thanks to Eva Leather for giving me the opportunity to review their wallets. Ironically, although I tried picking out something to suit my personal style, sometimes the best things come as a surprise.

Wallets courtesy of Eva Leather in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.