February 20, 2013

Little Black Desire

It's been a long time since I've done a post because school has been absolutely hectic lately (hello first all-nighter ever). But after taking a day off with my friends, I thought that instead of coming home to hit the books again, I'd end the smashingly good day with a blog post. When with friends, what else do you do but eat and shop?  Heading over to Club Monaco, I had already fallen in love with a blazer in the window front - before I had even stepped into the store!  Club Monaco has a pretty consistent track record of making me pine after at least one piece with every visit. While my friend expressed fears of trying on expensive clothing and being unable to buy it, I have no problems trying on the most gorgeous and unattainable things.  For me, it's all about admiring a garment the way it's meant to be admired: on yourself. When I leave a store empty-handed, I don't leave with a sense of longing regret, but a sense of happiness knowing that such a garment exists. So which garment made me leave today empty-handed, but with a smile? The Club Monaco Jamee Dress.

This photo certainly does not do justice to the dress. In real life, the dress is more formfitting, and in fact, it was because I could tell on the hanger that the dress was nicely cut that I picked it up in the first place. The stiff fabric tightly hugs curves in all the right ways, and even with my childish figure, I felt like such a woman in this dress. I could see myself bringing order to the boardroom in this dress, and stunning coworkers once we hit the bar for an after-work party (hey, a girl can dream, no?). The two zippers on each side emphasize the nipped waist, and I couldn't help but admire how I finally found a dress that seemed almost made-to-measure around the waist area. 

Never before have I felt the tightness of a well-fitting dress around the waist, and even though I walked out of the store knowing that I had left behind a feeling of confidence, I walked out smiling because I got a taste of what that kind of confidence feels like, and I know that a nipped-in zipper waist is not the only way to recreate it.

Image Source: Club Monaco