August 24, 2011

In the Club

I meant to post this all the way back in February, and here it is, finally seeing the light of day:

Now here's something that's certainly not for everyone.  I've never been a huge fan of harem pants, but I spotted these Club Monaco Natalie Pants a while back (it's no longer in stock, and it's sold out online):
What makes this pair of slouchy, harem pants more acceptable to me is the fact that it's made from silk.  The sheen of the silk not only gives the pants a glamorous feel, it also touches on the loungewear trend.  As well, these pants are not too ridiculously baggy and there is some sense of fit.  For some people, it might resemble too much a pair of luxurious pajama pants, but with the right outfit, these pants could be perfect for a night of clubbing.  Here's a look at how Club Monaco styles it:
While I might not be eager to wear these pants around, I can imagine someone pulling them off wonderfully, looking both comfortable and cool.

Image Source: Photo 1, 2

August 18, 2011

RSVP Fabulous

Throughout the existence of my blog, I have probably only shared two fashion magazine spreads with you.  While the majority of fashion magazines continually present us with amazing spreads month after month, there are only a handful of spreads that truly stand out for either their creativity (such as Vogue's Monster Inc.), or quite simply, their pure beauty (such as Flare's Love in a Snap).  So since you can see that I am sharing yet another fashion spread, you can be sure I'm only sharing it because it's special.  Below is a spread from the May 2011 issue of Flare, titled RSVP Fabulous.
What I love about this spread is the atmosphere they've created.  It's not your typical photoshoot with one or two models on the page; this spread actually takes the reader into an intimate party setting.  Generally, the models aren't staring at the camera, and it even seems as if they are oblivious to it.  Also, I admire the use of a bright setting, instead of your usual dark club-style scene, which makes this almost like an afternoon lunch party (albeit a very glamorous one).  Lastly, the gorgeous cocktail dresses alone are enough to make this spread a hit.  There's a wide variety of labels featured, from a H&M dress, and a beautiful blue sequin French Connection dress, to a Lanvin gown.  One word: fabulous!

Image Source: Chris Nicholls Photography

August 14, 2011

McQueen for a Queen

Due to my final exams, I was unable to make a post about the wedding of the century, which was of course, also the fashion event of the century.  I have no doubt that all of you have already laid eyes on the much anticipated dress, and I'm sure some of you are tired of hearing anything more about it, but it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't give my two cents.
First of all, the designer!  When I heard it was Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, I was overjoyed!  After being presented with the list of speculated designers, I was praying that the job would go to Burton.  Not only would a dress from Alexander McQueen be a fantastic tribute to the late designer, it would also acknowledge Burton's already well-received talent, and cement the idea that Kate is a modern royal.  To me, Burton seemed the only answer, and it seems Kate thought the same.
The first thing I noticed about the dress was the neckline.  It was a beautiful curved, deep V-neck that added a hint of sexiness to a traditional dress.  The lace was not overwhelming, but rather it was barely there (much like her stunning wisp of a veil), and exquisitely decorated in flowers so delicate it didn't seem like she was covering her arms at all.  The corset that flared out slightly at the waist into the ballroom skirt emphasized her slim figure, and if anything, it was the silhouette that was so distinctly McQueen.
But what I love most about this dress is its simplicity.  As I listened to numerous designers talking about how, if they were to design Kate's dress, they would decorate it in lavish embellishments, I realized how much I actually disliked an extravagant dress.  I was hoping Kate would not show up in a heavily embellished dress, and luckily, she didn't (which makes sense, considering her penchant for simple, classic pieces).  What she did do, however, was show up in a dress with beautiful lace-like print on the hem, which was only noticeable when she walked, as it shone against the light.
With such a fantastic choice of dress, this isn't only the wedding and fashion moment of the century, it's also the wedding dress of the century.

Image Source: Fashionologie, Fashion Beauty Trend

August 9, 2011

Someday, Lola. Someday.

Now that Justin Bieber has become a household name, it wasn't to be long before he forayed into the industry of celebrity fragrances.  When I heard the news, I was surprised he was going to introduce a perfume, and I was skeptical of how involved he was going to be in the process of making it.  He may be considered to have talent in the music industry, but does he really have the skills to launch a perfume?  On second thought, celebrity fragrances are, after all, about selling the name more so than the fragrance.  But my point here is not to dwell on the fact that the Biebs is dipping his toes into the perfume world, rather, I'm here to talk about his bottle design.  The second I laid my eyes on Justin Bieber's Someday, I thought of Marc Jacob's Lola.
Now granted, you can't say that Bieber copied Marc Jacobs.  The cap designs are obviously different, with Bieber using the shape of a heart, instead of Lola's blooming flower.  However, the colour and material are similar enough that the comparison is inevitable, especially with such a popular, long-time fragrance as Lola.  I'm not pointing any fingers (and it seems Marc Jacobs isn't going to either), but I just thought it was an interesting thing to acknowledge.  Personally, I find Lola to be more artistic and creative, but that could be because I still can't bring myself to respect Bieber in the perfume industry.  Which design do you like better?

Image Source: Men-Access

August 5, 2011

Queen of Spades

I remember very precisely the first time I stared in awe at a Kate Spade bag.  I was checking up on one of my daily fashion website reads when I came across this Kate Spade Folly Beach Makenzi Straw Clutch from her Spring 2010 collection:
Never really one to admire straw bags, I was amazed at how well the smooth leather paired with the texture of the straw.  And the grapefruit colour can make anyone excited for sunshine and summer dresses.  Since the discovery of this clutch, I have continuously found myself praising numerous Kate Spade bags.  The latest one on my list is the Essex Bike Scout made from smooth cowhide:
Something I've realized after looking at Kate Spade bags is that no one can do leather like Kate can.  There is something about Kate Spade leather - how smooth it is, how polished it is, and how positively unblemished it seems.  The same goes for colour.  Kate Spade bags are always bright and summery, without being loud.  Messenger bags are also becoming increasingly popular, and are a great option for going out hands-free.  This bag is structured, refined and I love the coffee brown colour.  Here is an ad showing the more colourful counterparts (the bag comes in two sizes):

Image Source: Clutch, Essex Bike Scout, Ad