October 21, 2014

R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta

The news was broken to me by a friend: "Oscar died".  At first I was racking my brain for an actor I knew named Oscar, until my friend sent the crushing words, "The fashion designer". That's when my heart dropped.  With suddenly cold hands, I immediately Googled what I knew I wouldn't want to believe.  Last night, Oscar de la Renta passed away.

I have been following this prolific designer ever since I started my blog four years ago.  I was completely amazed by his elegance.  He was a designer for the ladies of high society, and I adored how he always stayed true to old-school ballroom sophistication. There are few designers out there who dare have such an unabashedly uptown aesthetic, but de la Renta made clothing for grown ups, and I always respected him for that.  

Sometimes I wonder how the passing of designers can have such an impact on me, but then I realize it's because they've touched me emotionally. As any creative person will know, putting out a piece of work comes with great vulnerability.  Designers bare their soul to us every season, and every fashion show becomes an intimate exchange. I may not have known de la Renta personally, but his creativity knows no physical boundaries.

After learning that de la Renta had passed the reins of his namesake label earlier this month to Peter Copping, I am comforted to know de la Renta was ready to let go. To the man who left both his design house and the world with utmost grace and dignity, may you R.I.P.

Image Source: MissInfo