January 12, 2013

Golden Opportunity

I honestly tried my best to do a Fashion 2012: A Look Back post, but with only two weeks holiday, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.  What I do have for you, however, is a recap of my Boxing Day window shopping.  The biggest trend I saw translated from the runway (namely Dolce & Gabbana) into retail stores was decadence. This Fall, it's all about gold, intricate brocade, and embellishment galore.  In other words, it's my kind of season.

7 For All Mankind

Having finally found a pair of pastel jeans over the summer, I moved on to my search for a great pair of printed pants (this is really the only downfall of fashion: my wardrobe is always missing something). I found it in 7 For All Mankind's Gold Foil Velvet Jeans.  After looking at all of Spring's floral prints, this gold brocade seemed so right.  It arouses a darker, more sumptuous appeal, and would be a fantastic casual evening look.  These pants are also worth every bit of praise for the velvet.  Velvet hugs the legs better, and for the first time in my life, I donned a pair of pants that did not bunch around my knees.  I am slightly knock-kneed from my low arches, so finding a good fitting pair of pants is difficult.  But these pants were perfectly fitted, and not to mention the perfect length!  The $300 price tag?  My only roadblock.


On the cheaper, but no less lovely, side, I tried on a pair of H&M Blue Brocade pants. My mom urged me to try the last pair of these pants, despite them being a size too big, and I'm glad I listened to her!  I instantly felt like an uptown girl lounging her way to Lincoln Centre for Fashion Week (I wish).  The perfectly placed pockets were so blasé, but the deep blue oriental brocade spoke otherwise. One day, I will find a pair of slim trousers like this worth investing in.  Watch out, Lincoln Centre, I'm coming.


Topshop was the first stop I made on Boxing Day, but it actually turned out to be the most unfulfilling.  The sales were mediocre (although that can be said for all Boxing Day sales nowadays), and what I did try on didn't look great.  I had high hopes for this Star Glitter Velvet Bodycon Dress.  The velvet was, again, enchanting, but my major qualm was how cheaply made the glitter was.  The second I picked up the dress, gold glitter fluttered to the ground.  Don't even ask what happened when I put it on.  I spent the rest of my day with a face adorned with stray glitter.  I'm disappointed, Topshop!


Alice+Olivia is one of my favourite labels.  Stacey Bendet always gets it right; everytime I'm at Holt Renfrew, something of hers always makes me stop and smile.  But I tried one of her skirts on Boxing Day and not even Alice+Olivia could cure me of my inability to look good in them.  The photo above is actually not the skirt I tried on, but it is similar.  What I tried on was a gold brocade print, ruffled, tiered skirt with an exposed zipper on the back.  I love skirts, but I would never wear a skirt so short I feel uncomfortable in it.  Sadly, the only way skirts look good is if they're around mid-thigh.  The shape of my legs does not allow for anything longer to look attractive, unless I'm wearing heels.  I also found the ruffles and tiers to be too childish.  It maybe would've worked if I were 10 years old and running around the playground, but if I were 10, why would I be wearing Alice+Olivia?

So it's clear by now I bought absolutely nothing on Boxing Day.  However, I have no regrets, because any money spent on the things I tried on would've been money wasted.  I gained the better reward of seeing all the rich, luxurious fashion this season.  Listen up, this season is the golden opportunity to indulge in your most succulent, opulent cravings.

Image Source: Seven, H&M, Topshop, Alice+Olivia