February 26, 2011

Chanel Small Tote Bag

I'm just going to take a quick break from my Fashion Week marathon.  Some of you may remember that a couple months ago, I went to pick up a Louis Vuitton bag for a friend.  Today, I went to pick up a Chanel Small Tote Bag for her.  Funnily enough, there don't seem to be photos of it online, and the only photos I found were on replica websites.  So the photo below doesn't represent the bag in its best light:
Even though this may not be the best photo, the bag is still nothing to be in awe of.  I do believe my friend already owns a Chanel 2.55 (or something similar), and so I can understand why she would buy something in a different style.  But I would never spend my money on this bag.  The quilting is, of course, done perfectly in the way only Chanel can achieve, and the brushed gold logo is done to nice effect.  However, the resemblance of this handbag to a shopping tote - and not a nice shopping tote - is disappointing.  The size (about 29 cm) is also not the most flattering size to design a tote bag in.  It might look good with a fresh, summer outfit, but that limits the versatility of the bag.  Overall, I'd say "no" to this bag.  What do you think?

*Edit: The photo of the bag can no longer be found on the internet, and in fact, the replica website that I found the photo from has been shut down.

Image Source: Chanel

February 25, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

I absolutely loved the colour blocking at Gucci for Spring 2011, and I was delighted to see it again for Fall/Winter 2012.  Frida Giannini once more worked with deep, lustrous jewel tones, but they gave an entirely different look than that of Spring 2011.  This time, the '70s were a huge influence, seen most evidently in the bow blouses.  The first part of the show consisted of fur and python done in mystical cool colours: 

As the show warmed up, so did the colouring.  Fur and luscious patent leather were then done in warm scarlets (the puffs of fur remind me of the fox tails at Louis Vuitton a couple seasons ago, but done here more elegantly):

The fur then began showing up in smoky, muted tones:

For evening, Giannini brought out long, sheer chiffon dresses bursting with hand-dyed silk flowers:

Considering the prominence of the '70s for Spring 2011, this collection is nothing new.  But Giannini gave us enough glamour to make it seem just right.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Vogue

February 24, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

Last season, for Spring 2011, Christopher Bailey showed a nice collection, but it was a collection that strayed far from the history of Burberry.  For Fall/Winter 2012, Bailey veered back towards the well-established vision of the label and showed a fairly good collection.  It was nothing compared to his hugely successful Spring 2010 and Fall 2011 collections (my personal favourites to date), but it was true to Burberry style.  To start, Bailey allowed the early sixties to shape his show, and as with any Burberry show, the focus was on the coats.  There were bright colours, structured wide sleeves, drop waists, and a slight military influence:
Then there were several checkered coats...
...before Bailey transitioned to more neutral looks, once again reinventing the trenchcoat with fur accents and restructuring it in the silhouette established at the start of the collection:
Finally, in a contrast with the start of the show, snowy white coats and dresses were brought out.  They were still structured, but prim bows were wrapped around many waists (reminding me very much of Prada and Miu Miu last Fall).  Near the end, the checkered coats were then done in black and white.
When the models came out for one last round, every single one of them was dressed in a cropped clear raincoat with black rainboots.  An overall very British and very Burberry kind of collection, and all at once practical, but stylish.

Watch Part 1 of the show here, and Part 2 here.

Image Source: Style.com

February 21, 2011

Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

It seems to me like designers just can't get enough of the Orient.  For Fall/Winter 2012, Ralph Lauren took a large dose of inspiration from China.  Along with the soundtrack, the blaring reds and jades in the collection, and the bevy of Asian models, this reference was difficult to miss.
Lauren started with black outfits, but done in slick, glossy finishes.  And as with any Ralph Lauren show, there were menswear-inspired pieces.
The introduction of some brown tweed coats signaled the beginning of rich jewel tones and luxurious fur:
With a deliberate shift to evening wear, all the Oriental elements were heightened to drive the point home.
I enjoyed this cultural reference more so than the Western aesthetic that Lauren often goes after, and there must be something alluring about the Orient that keeps on attracting designers.  Whatever it is, it'll be interesting to see which designer travels Eastward next.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com