June 28, 2011

Woes of being XS

I've had my $100 gift card to Holt Renfrew for quite a while now (it was a Christmas gift!), but I finally thought I would have the chance to use it yesterday on a very pretty mint green Alice + Olivia Lauren Blouson Dress (which is sold out online, and which explains why I can't find a larger photo):
Because of Holt Renfrew's Summer Sale, this dress was marked down from about $290 to $139.  I was definitely willing to spend $40 on a silk-chiffon dress, and unlike all the other tops I could have used my gift card towards, a dress would actually be worth giving up my gift card.  As well, since I have a wedding to attend in August, I thought this light, airy dress would be perfect for the occasion.  Below is the salmon version:
Initially, it was the colour of the dress that drew me towards it.  I thought the mint green was nicely refreshing, and ideal for summertime.  Then I saw the relaxed cut, gathered elastic waist, scoop neckline, flowy skirt, and began envisioning how I would style the dress.  Finally, I saw the cutout back and knew that this, at first glance, simple dress just keeps on surprising you with little details.
I tried on a size S, but alas, it was a bit too big.  It actually fit like it does on the model above, but seeing as I'm not a model, I can't go around with the upper part of the dress just skimming my torso.  I understand that the dress has a looser feel to it, but on me, it didn't look stylishly loose.  It just looked loose.  The skirt was also slightly long - just under my knees.  So after much contemplation, and considering the cost of tailoring, I put the dress down.  The thing about being XS is that whenever there are sales, you can bet the only sizes left will be anything but XS.

Image Source: Shopstyle, Shopbop

June 24, 2011

Versace for H&M

This news is a couple days late, but it's news worth sharing.  After the hugely successful Lanvin for H&M collaboration, there were rumours of Tom Ford being the next one up.  However, it has just been confirmed that Versace is set to collaborate with H&M for their Fall 2011 collection, ready to debut November 17, 2011 (a quick thanks to my fashion friend for notifying me!).

While H&M has had numerous fabulous collaborations, this specific collaboration I hold dear to my heart.  The very first fashion show that I watched, the collection that jump started my love affair with fashion, was Versace Spring 2008 RTW.  I was captivated by the glamour and colours of the collection, so much that I fell in love with fashion, and never looked back.

Even though over the seasons, other designers have become favourites as my fashion knowledge becomes more diverse, I never miss out on a Versace collection.  I may not always love each collection as much as that special Spring 2008 collection, but I always look forward to seeing what Versace comes up with next.

So with this collaboration, I finally get to see Versace done at a cheaper price range.  I'm expecting all of Versace's signature no holds barred sex appeal and glamour, with colours, prints and body-con looks galore.

First it was Lanvin, now it's Versace.  I must say, whenever I think of H&M...be still my beating heart.

Image Source: H&M, Fashion Foie Gras, Stylespelledbackwards

June 18, 2011

Kiss Me

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you've probably noticed that I don't talk much - actually, at all - about celebrity style.  But there are, at times, fantastic fashion moments in the entertainment industry that are worth a mention (like when Lady Gaga wore Alexander McQueen in her Bad Romance music video).  However, the focus isn't on Lady Gaga this time; turn your eyes over to Katy Perry.  It seems Katy Perry is quite a fan of the duo behind Viktor & Rolf, as was seen during the MTV Europe Music Awards, when she wore one of their interestingly cut chiffon gowns from Spring 2009:
More recently, Katy Perry has turned to Viktor & Rolf once more for her fashion statements.  After having seen her E.T. music video several times, it finally dawned on me that one of the dresses she wears in the video is from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011:
I remember writing in my review of the collection that, as Bryan Boy said, this dress would be perfect as Lady Gaga's wedding dress.  I can just imagine Lady Gaga getting married in this dress with Katy Perry belting out "Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me" in the background.  What a moment that would be.

Image Source: Awards, ET, V&R

June 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

My latest trip to Holt Renfrew involved helping my friend pick up - not a handbag this time - but nine items of clothing (she's a bit of a spender).  Currently, Holt Renfrew is having their Summer Sale, and they have racks of shoes included in this sale.  I took this as the perfect opportunity to try on shoes I could only dream of owning.  In total, I tried on six pairs of shoes, but the following three, I think, are worth talking about.

First up is the Gucci Kelis Platform in purple.  The moment I saw it, I was head over heels.  I loved the Spring/Summer 2011 Gucci collection, and the fact that this is straight off the runway had me giddy in lust.  As well, the deep purple velvet pairs glamorously with the gold python in true Gucci style.

Verdict:  As hot as these shoes are, they're only meant for admiring.  The heel is much too high and dainty for me to handle, and with two thin straps holding my foot in, walking was far from easy (how do models do it??).  Despite its impracticality, the shoe looked fairly good from all angles when I was standing, especially from behind.  These straight-from-the-runway heels might be best left on the runway, but trying them on was priceless.

Up second is the Valentino Mesh Floral Sandal in black.  I first saw this pair of heels in a magazine, and when I saw it in Holt Renfrew, I was reminded of why I love Valentino so much.  The label's wispy, ethereal femininity is translated through the mesh, floral appliqué and lace-up back ankle strap.

Verdict: This shoe is as beautiful on the rack as it is when it's worn.  I was afraid that the appliquéd front would be overwhelming and heavy on the foot, but the mesh, delicate peep toe and open heel ensure that the shoe remains light.  While the lacing at the back makes putting on the shoe take more time than I would like, it's the details that count.  Height-wise, this shoe was much easier to walk in than the Gucci's, and out of all the shoes I tried on, the Valentino's are the ones I would actually buy if I had the money (and the appropriate occasion).

Lastly is the Givenchy Gold Toe Ballet Flat.  This pair of shoes wasn't on sale, but what caught my eye was obviously the gold metal toe.  It's industrial, but altogether very glamorous, and I like the contrast between the hard metal toe and the soft blush pink.
Verdict: There's not much that can go wrong with a pair of flats, and the metal toe adds a nice tough-glam touch.  It's a unique pair of flats, and you can rest assured you won't see look-a-likes on the streets.  The back of the shoe did scratch my foot, but that can probably be fixed with proper sizing.  However, while there's no risk of stubbing your toes, accidentally scuffing the metal toe just might make your heart break a little inside.

To finish off my shopping trip, I popped some chocolates from the front desk in my mouth, and grabbed my complimentary pretzel and old fashioned bottle of root beer.  Anyone who doesn't dare step foot in Holt Renfrew simply because it's expensive doesn't know what they're missing.

Image Source: Gucci, Valentino, Givenchy

June 12, 2011

Summer 2011 Makeup Looks

Earlier, I posted the Summer Shoes article that I wrote for a youth magazine, and I said that it was my last article for the publication.  In a way, this is true, as my writing will no longer be published in the magazine, but what I later found out is that I can still write over the summer for their online publication.  And that's exactly what I did, as I was chosen to write an article on Summer 2011 Makeup Looks:
As much as I have a passion for fashion, makeup has never really been my forte.  I do have some beauty knowledge from reading countless fashion magazines, but I would rather talk fashion over makeup any day.  So when I took on this assignment, I was afraid I might not have what it takes to write knowledgeably about makeup.  But after a bit of research, I hope that I have written something that will at least be worthy of those makeup lovers out there.  Also, a quick thanks to my friend, a makeup maniac and follower of this blog, for giving me a simple outline of this season's biggest makeup trends (she was bang on, by the way).  She loves beauty in the same way I love fashion, and together, we could conquer any fashion magazine.  ;)

Note: One of my friends, after discovering my blog, has decided to start a blog of her own.  I am so happy for her, and I hope her blog will become as much a source of pride for her as mine has become for me.  Her blog is not a fashion blog, but you can check it out here.

Image Source: Youthink

June 7, 2011

Chloé Patty Leather Shopper

Over the past couple of seasons, Chloé has impressed me with its ability to mix feminine style with minimalistic, simple designs.  I definitely consider Chloé one of my favourite labels.  So when I was asked to pick up a Chloé handbag for a friend, I was more excited than the two previous times when she asked for a Louis Vuitton and Chanel bag picked up.  The bag that I picked up this time was the Chloé Patty Leather Shopper in black:
At first glance, I wasn't exactly keen on the bag.  I'm not generally a fan of pebbled leather, as I tend to gravitate towards smooth leather, and the front flap didn't strike me as being a particularly flattering shape.  However, after looking more closely at the bag, I realized that this bag is in fact fantastically modern, without being overtly trendy.  The shape of the gold hardware is artistically geometric, and the sculpted flap is delightfully characteristic of Chloé.  A whiff of leather was also all-encompassing the moment I took the bag out, which is another plus with me.
It's lightly structured, and I can imagine it looking wonderful with either a classic, clean outfit, or something a bit more modern but still simple.  I'm not quite sure if my friend has the appropriate wardrobe to go with this bag, although she will no doubt find a way to make it work.  This bag can also be transformed into a shoulder bag, but because of the size of the bag, it doesn't look fitting snuggled against a hip.  Even though I might have bought another bag from the collection, this bag is definitely a good choice, and I think my friend spent her money well.  What do you think?

Image Source: Nordstrom