December 31, 2010

Fashion 2010: A Look Back

As we prepare to usher ourselves into a new year, here's a look back at the biggest fashion stories of 2010:

Jan 13: Halston announces that a deal with Sarah Jessica Parker has been signed, making her the president and chief creative advisor for Halston Heritage.

Feb 11: Alexander McQueen, having committed suicide, is found dead in his home.  The fashion world mourns the loss of a visionary.

May 26: Herm├Ęs announces that after seven years, Jean-Paul Gaultier will be leaving his post as the creative director.  Christophe Lemaire of Lacoste will be taking over the reins.

June 9: Supermodel Coco Rocha marries James Conran in a Zac Posen dress.

Aug 29: Kate Moss announces the end of her three-year partnership with TopShop.  The winter collection to be unveiled in October will be her 14th and last collection.

Sept 2: H&M announces that its next collaboration will be with the French fashion house of Lanvin, creating mass hysteria.

Sept 8: After seventeen years of showing at Bryant Park, New York Fashion Week shows for the first time in Lincoln Center.

Nov 17: Tom Ford returns to womenswear after six years, with his Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Dec 17: Carine Roitfeld shocks the fashion world by resigning from her position as editor-in-chief of French Vogue, a position she has held for a decade.

There have been a lot of beginnings and endings for fashion this year, and I can't wait to see what the new year will bring.  I hope that for all of you, 2011 will sparkle with contentment, love, and great fashion.  Happy New Years everyone!


  1. Great post!

  2. wow i love this post especially how u gave a timeline of the 2010 fashion... GREAT JOB!!!

  3. Wow that was a perfect end of year post. Thanks for summing up the year in such great style.

    Have a wonderful New Year :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

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  4. What a wonderful year..

    And Happy new year :)

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing, very interesting post, makes one remember the past events.

    Hope your new year is great.


  6. It's definitely been a huge year for fashion!! Alexander McQueen will definitely be missed!

  7. YOu wrote the msot shcoking and important event, I was completely shocked by the dead of McQueen and also by Carine: this two events left me so sad :( However I wish you a happy new year, too :)

  8. Alexander McQueen passed away in seems like a month or so 2010 sure went really fast and Alexander McQueen is sadly missed....

    PS; Happy New Year and thanks for the award

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment, dear :)
    Nice blog! I like

    Love Lola

  10. what a year! happy new year!


  11. @Sherin, E and stylemefab: I still cannot believe we have lost such a great, talented designer. It is obvious that even after so many months, he is still deeply missed. And I am also very sad about Carine Roitfeld; it feels as if we have lost another great mind.

  12. Such a good post! I can see that you put a lot of work into it. That's what I appreciate som much about you, you do so much and so great work. Thank you.

    Love ibne

  13. a lot has happened in fashion in the last year! can't believe 2010 is over. happy new years x

  14. I feel like there's a lot of shocking news this year, especially Carine leaving French Vogue! I can't wait to see the new collections this year and fashion always brings excitment and hope so I'm looking forward to that! Happy New Year! I love your posts and would love to see more of your feature models :-) xoxoxoxoo

  15. This post is very interesting! Keep writing relevant topics that would update the fashion blogosphere, I definitely am eager to have a wider knowledge !-- p.s these are also shockingly unbeliveable.......

  16. What a cool post, I loved this!!! I remember how I felt when I knew about McQueen's death, terrible day...

  17. What a great idea to post a fashion year in review, this was really interesting. I love the Zac Posen dress Coco Rocha is wearing at her wedding!!

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    happy new year and i wish you the best with everything 2011 will have to offer!

  19. Nice blog. Happy New Year!

  20. I am super excited!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

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  22. @Iben: Thank you so much! That is very nice of you to say!

    @Fashion Cappuccino: There was a lot of shocking news this much history being put to an end. But then again, there have been many wonderful beginnings as well. And don't worry about the model features; I have a long list to get through! :)

  23. Love the post! A lot has happened this year!

    Great blog! Hope to see you on mine soon..

  24. Wow, its like a yearbook! So many memories... I remember where I was when these things happened too. Life is more and more like a polaroid... Thanks for the great recap!


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