January 28, 2012

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012

With my lack of Fashion Week posts in the past couple of months, when I do end up posting about Fashion Week, I unfortunately have to filter it down to my favourite standouts.  I would love to talk about labels other than the typical big designer labels (I talk a lot about Dior, Chanel and McQueen, don't I?), or about collections that I don't necessarily have a positive review for, but bear with me as I take a look at Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012.

Pre-Fall was never too exciting for me; it wasn't quite Fall, and it wasn't quite Spring.  It just never produced looks that were so astounding they couldn't have been saved for Fall collections.  And really, it's just another reason for designers to be overworked.  But Alexander McQueen gave a Pre-Fall collection worth singling out.  It was a sharp, gothic, Victorian collection with a focus on menswear and three-dimensional floral embroidery.  Sarah Burton began with exquisite black embroidery atop cherry red, all belted with black leather corset-like belts, and accessorized with mercilessly pointed boots.  The boots were what first drew me to the collection.  They sharpen the line of the leg, and you no doubt feel powerful wearing them.
As the collection morphed towards plum purple, there were a couple of leanly tailored pant suits thrown in.  It's certainly one way to take charge in the boardroom.
Then came black lace-like embroidery, wrapped around the richest, most luxurious shades of green.
The embroidery then transferred onto sheer dresses with sleeves so light they may as well have been invisible, reminding me very much of Givenchy couture (although, as you'll see in my review of Givenchy couture later on, this is no longer the case).
Burton played around with the typical McQueen silhouette of prominent shoulders, cinched waist, and a pencil skirt, by replacing the pencil skirt with an A-line.  In doing so, I saw a subtle '50s reference that softened the strong looks, and made them more feminine.  Yet another legendary collection by Sarah Burton.

See the entire collection here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. The silhouettes of these dresses in combination with the jewel tones are absolutely stunning! This really is a beautiful collection.

  2. Wow, all of these pieces are absolutely stunning!!

  3. As I maybe told you this is my favorite collection of the prefall 2012 ones and I do love the use of feather and details. I'm looking forward for reading your review about Givenchy :D


  4. Fabulous!! love the detail and I must say dress #5 is puuuurfect for me. I am in love with the skirt part especially.


  5. so marvelous. i wish i could pull those off... you can see the quality in the pictures. thats stunning.
    love, alex


  6. Sarah again did a fantastic job! Loved the big flamboyant shapes and rich hues!

    Thanks for the comment +Yes that was a blue and white polka dot nail you spotted ;)
    New post: First designs of 2012

  7. wow! what an awesome collection! i love the patterns and the lace!

  8. The fifth look is my absolute favorite. I LOVE the sophistication of it! :)

  9. love all the full skirts!

    xoxo navy & orange