September 14, 2012

Young Love, Young Fashion

Before school started (and not to mention the mad, elbow-your-way-through rush of textbook buying season), my family took a small trip to Vancouver as a way to give my summer one last hurrah.  Some of my highlights were:

1) Enjoying my first French cuisine dinner - Watermelon goat cheese salad, AAAAA grade meat, and steak with truffle butter being among the delicious dishes.  I loved how the waiters and chefs actually took care to describe the dishes to us.
2) Walking through The Room at The Bay for the second time in my life.  Mary Katranzou print dresses, Comme des Garçons paper-doll silhouettes and Erdem florals right in front of my eyes.  Unbelievable.
3) Passing by one of the few J. Crew stores in Canada.  Admittedly, I was expecting a grander store front.
4) Seeing the Olympic Oval.  Dreams were made and broken there two years ago.
5) And lastly, finding a pair of coloured denim from Topshop!  I searched and searched for coloured denim all summer, and finally, I found a pair of Topshop Moto High Waisted Kristen jeans in Vancouver for $20.
When I was searching for coloured denim, I knew I wanted either mint green or pale purple.  It seemed to me as if these two colours were the rarest after seeing numerous girls in red, yellow, pink and turquoise jeans.  Initially, I thought this pair of Topshop denim to be slightly darker and edgier than my ideal purple, and to add to was high-waisted.  I hadn't worn high-waisted pants in years.  However, high-waisted pants are coming back, considering all the stores that stock the style now.

All doubts were later washed away as I heard my mom say the following glorious words: "They make your legs look longer", and my dad dispelling his wise words: "Wear stuff like this while you're still young".  It's true; the high-waist wrapped snugly around my waist to make my hopelessly short legs look just a little longer (ah, fashion mind games...sometimes I wonder if I'm just amusing myself), and there's no better time to wear purple denim than now while I can still pull it off.  To add to that, the price was irresistible.

So far, all my friends back at university who have seen me in my new jeans have commented (shout out to my group of three very stylish friends - you know who you are - thank you!).  I tuck my white lace top in, loop a brown leather belt into a knot (yes, I finally tried out the knotted belt trend.  Love it!), and when I'm feeling dressy, slip on my gold snakeskin loafers.  On second thought, maybe the highlight of my trip wasn't the food, or even the high fashion.  It was finally going out of my comfort zone and buying something not for practicality, but for fun.  Now is the time to experiment, and I'm going to make sure I enjoy every moment of it.

Image Source: Jeans


  1. i think thats definitely a fun purchase, good find!

  2. Fantastic pants!! And what your parents said is absolutely true :D
    By the way, hope you'd check out my blog and comment on what you think!
    Cheers :)

  3. Your first French cuisine sounds delicious! Will you be trying escargots anytime soon? I love them!