November 3, 2012

Making me Blush

So on my downtime when I prowl the internet for fashion giveaways (an utterly meaningless activity, by the way, since I never win), I encounter Etsy a lot.  I discovered Etsy last year and, as many of you probably already know, it's a pretty little site where people can buy and sell homemade items.  There are actually many unique fashion pieces on that site (especially the jewelry...unbelievable), and if you're not averse to online shopping, Etsy is the place to go for one-of-a-kind pieces.  Recently, I came across this photo by Blushfashion on Etsy:
I immediately fell in love with the refined simplicity of the photo.  Of course, the mint-blue colour and Grecian draping had something to do with it, but I just adored the pure white background.  The model gives a sultry character to the photo by looking gorgeous in a pose that isn't outrageously high fashion, but still glamorous enough to capture that bit of fashion fantasy.  Desperate to see whether there were more photos like this, I scrambled on over to Blushfashion's full collection.  While not all stunning hits, there were still many beautifully shot images:
This goes to show that how you present your brand is incredibly important to both your creative and business image.  These dresses are pretty on their own, but it really takes a good model and photographer to bring them to life and turn them into something of desire.

Check out all the photos here.

Image Source: Blushfashion


  1. I adore Etsy. Mostly thanks to the unique pieces (like you said) as well as extraordinary vintage!

  2. really GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment hun :)
    You are so right about Halloween! I hate the short costumes! scary all the way :)
    this post is fab!

  4. These photos (and dresses) are really pretty!

  5. So true! I must admit sometimes close blogs where I don't like the layout. And I really like that gold dress in the 5th picture!

    xo Sootjeelina

  6. Wow ! These dresses are sooo chic !

  7. You have a good eye and judgement on not just the dress, seller or the photography, but over-all. The seller did put a lot of hard work on her creation and marketing. The last statement is exactly what it takes to bring your product to a successful market.

  8. loving the dusty colors!

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  10. what some beautiful dresses!!!love them!

  11. wow the drape of the dress is really beautiful and one of a kind! you inspired me here to make something like that next time;)
    love and kiss,mary