December 2, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

I know, I know...old news yet again.  Shame on me.  But ever since I started this blog, I have not failed to do a review on every one of H&M's collaborations.  I'm not going to break that tradition now!

First things first: Maison Martin Margiela.  When I heard the news, shrieking at my indifferent laptop might be an apt description of my response.  Margiela is not only one of the most avant-garde labels out there, it's also one of the most mysterious.  With no one at the helm, it's really more of an abstract entity of fashion talent.  Just imagining a radical, yet so elusive and secretive label collaborating with H&M was too much to bear.

There really is no point spending too much time on whether the results of this collaboration are true to the Margiela label.  I think that is obvious enough.  Being the most avant-garde collaboration H&M has done, I think it's fair to say the Margiela image is undoubtedly present.

What is worth talking about, however, is the quality and style of the pieces.  With H&M collaborations, there is always the fear of a cheaply made high fashion look.  But with Margiela, there seems to be no problem whatsoever.  Perhaps it's because Margiela always focused more on construction that it's really the architecture of these H&M pieces that make it look like quality Margiela.

And that brings me to style.  These H&M pieces are beautifully dramatic; they are unlike anything you will ever find in a regular shopping mall (until now).  There will always be the critics, lamenting how unwearable these fashions are, but life would be so boring if everything you wore was predictable.  These are standout pieces made for a woman with standout taste. 

Consisting of oversized silhouettes and masculine cuts, it quietly encapsulates the love of living, freedom and expression.  They say it's a woman's character that gets her noticed, but hey, I'm just saying, these clothes help.

As I mentioned last time with Lanvin, Versace, and Marni, I had yet to see an H&M collaboration where both the clothes and the accessories were a hit.  This time, there's no question about it: the accessories are amazing.

Plexiglass heels, candy wrapper clutches, and gloved handbags.  I love these accessories beyond belief.  And much like the clothing, there's a surprising high quality feel to them.  This H&M collaboration was perfect in every conceivable way.  Is this my favourite H&M collaboration of all time?  Oh gosh, you can bet it is.

See the entire collection here.

Image Source: Logo, Fashionologie, Vogue, Flare, Shoes, Bag1, Bag2


  1. dayumm, this stuffs cray

  2. My girl Jamie Bochert is the main model for the ad campaign!
    so cool!!

  3. she is a model you should profile by the way!
    she's cool! a client of ours/now a friend of mine!

  4. I love the picture with the dove, it's beautiful. And the leggings are amazing !

  5. Those candy wrapper clutches are unbelievably cute; the epitome of quirky. I love that oversized black coat. It would have such appeal worn over a feminine dress.

    May the force be with you.

  6. that's not one of my favourite collections!

  7. This is gonna be a long comment, here I go. I think it's either genius or really stupid MMM did this collab. Because on the one hand, it's showing the brand to a bigger public but on the other hand, the brand is kind of too eccentric to be worn in the daily life in most cases because who wears a full body, Greek/Roman-ish, bright red dress these days? Maybe 10, 20 people? The brand is also too eccentric to be appreciated by the small minds that is the biggest part of the regular H&M-customers (you know it's true). And it's sad! Because MMM is a great brand, but I just don't think society is ready for it. Yet.

    xo Sootjeelina

  8. I do not like the clothes here (H&M collabs are usually too much for me) but even I like the accessories!

  9. i have already saw some thing and i love the collection :)

  10. myyy!! If only I am near to H&M store...
    I adore the new collection, it adds more class and complication in a good way, not just fine lines and simplicity...