May 14, 2013

Bottoms Up!

I did it!  I finally bought a pair of floral trousers.  After years of wearing stuffy (and boring) jeans, I finally have a pair of pants that I can wear when I want to dress up a little.  Floral trousers have been sold in every imaginable print these past two years, and the choice is endless.  There are probably a million different prints out there that I could drool over (searching "floral trousers" on Google is practically an hour-long pastime for that is filled with me wailing over the size of my bank account), but this pair from H&M hit the nail on the head in terms of price:

$15 for a pair of trousers.  I'm well aware that the floral pant craze will end eventually, so I'm glad I haven't spent too much on a trendy item.  The other thing I love about this pair is the fit.  Trousers tend to be too baggy or too long on me, but this pair has a nice tapered leg (with two back ankle slits) and fits smoothly around the zipper area.  Although it is a bit too long - hitting at the ankles instead of slightly above - I'm just overjoyed I don't need any hemming.

I've already tried pairing my trousers with my black pumps, and I feel so modern and chic.  The great thing about trousers is that they are meant for tucking your shirts in, thus making your legs look longer.  Tucking into jeans can sometimes look outdated, and I find that denim has all sorts of unflattering wrinkling around the zipper area.  Also, the SIDE POCKETS.  Adore.  Endlessly.  They make me one step closer to all those fashion editors walking to haute couture shows with one hand holding a Blackberry, one elbow clasping a neon envelope clutch, and the other hand casually in their trouser pocket.

Image Source: eBay


  1. I'm crazy about printed trousers and leggings these days !
    I answer your question : The 2 dresses are from h&m, you guessed well ! I can't resist to a shiny dress for 14 euros !

  2. Love that pair trousers.
    Nice blog!

  3. i loooove that print =)

  4. there you go, out of your nutshell. I could imagine the black pumps would bring a whole new look!

  5. those pants look soooo amazing!