October 14, 2013

3rd Year and 18th Day!

So...school has finally gotten so busy that I forgot to mark my blog's birthday, hence the ridiculous post title. I would have almost written off my own birthday (which is 4 days after my blog's birthday) if it weren't for my amazing friends who surprised me with a dinner while I was in the midst of completing a group project.  So much love.

3 years.  It's not really a special number.  No one holds big celebrations for such an odd number.  But to me, it's another year gone by that I've stayed true to who I am.  Being in a business program, you learn a lot about self-marketing.  You're told to use social media as a tool, to network, to find those connections that will open doors...and I sit there and think, sure, I can do that, but in terms of my blog, I will never use it as a catalyst towards exposure and fame.  My blog is me, not a business.

If there's one thing that remains sacred, it's my blog.  I will not worry about SEO, I will not create numerous social media outlets for my blog, and I will not post to become popular.  I post for myself and I post from the heart.  Recognition may be a result, but never the driver.

Happy belated birthday, Red-Soled Fashionista.

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  1. Happy birthday to your blog! I can't even remember my blog birthday. I guess it's time to go through all my blog posts and get to the very first one. :) Hope your blog continues on for many more years!


  2. HBD BLOG :)