November 17, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Tradition continues with a post on H&M's most recent collaboration: Isabel Marant.

H&M went avant garde last year, but this year, they're going just plain cool with Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant is one of those labels that has a very loyal following, thanks to its consistent brand attitude and almost instantly recognizable aesthetic.  Marant designs for the cool girl - the girl with that easy slouch, that lazy saunter, and that nonchalant attitude you just can't ignore.  Her girl is androgynous and edgy, and never leaves the house without skin-tight pants, a loose-fitting tee, and a well-made jacket.

What does Isabel Marant for H&M offer?  A chance to be that girl.  With a collection consisting almost entirely of fitted pants, slouchy tops, and mannish coats, being a cool girl is just a hip jut and shoulder tilt away.  The colour palette revolves around grey, black, white, blue and red, and is accented with staticky prints.

I've always loved Isabel Marant for its model-off-duty ease and a complete dedication to its image.  I believe this H&M collection will be among the most accessible, providing girls and guys with easily adaptable pieces to achieve that Marant effortlessness.  Highlights of the collection for me are the nicely tailored jackets and coats. The thick knit sweaters with mind-tingling prints are also pieces I would consider worthy purchases (men, I'm talking to you).

As for accessories, Marant always completes her looks with a pair of boots or pumps.  In this collection, she gives us wide, slouchy boots.  I wouldn't recommend pairing them with her cropped pants or dresses, but otherwise, they are just what you need to finish off your new cool girl persona.

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  1. Cool collection, although I find it wildly inappropriate with H&M's "Heat and Meat" theme. I suppose the bloody red on two of the models does have a certain man-eater appeal to them. Oh well, what are you going to do eh? A company's got to do what they got to do to appeal the masses even if they have to go against their own identity...