April 9, 2014

Michael Kors Fall 2014 Menswear

"Find your style and invest in a good pair of shoes."  

That was the parting advice one of my professors had for the men in our class, and I couldn't help but smile when he said it. A man with style earns major points for me. It's not the idea of caring about looks, but the idea that a guy cares enough about himself to at least attempt to be presentable.

What's funny, however, is how little I actually know about menswear.  I had a taste of it when I read Elle Canada's first issue of Elle Man.  Reading Elle Man was like discovering a whole new world.  It was riveting.  It was exciting.  It was like falling in love with fashion all over again.  But otherwise, I'm a newbie. And so in my attempt to become more accustomed with this other side of fashion, I present to you my first time posting about menswear.

I've chosen to shine the spotlight on Michael Kors.  I found so much cheeky humour in this collection - but also some fantastic pieces - that I had to put my two cents in.  Overall, this collection was the definition of luxe loungewear.  There were drawstring sweatpants...but wait, they were double-faced cashmere sweatpants.  The slouchy sweaters were mohair, and those trackpants?  Suiting flannel.

Contrast that against structured coats and blazers, and you get a collection that mocks the uppity world of Wall Street, but closer to home, I saw it as the wardrobe of a stylish college boy.  I just adore the furry mitts above (how fun!), and the socks and sandals combo throughout the collection gave me a good laugh (shoutout to a classmate of mine who proudly worked the socks and sandals look during a group project, and my quick-witted friend who just wouldn't forgive him for it).

I don't really have a verdict for this collection considering the scant knowledge I have of menswear, but it's a collection that made me genuinely smile, and hey, a collection that can do that is worth something, isn't it?

See the entire collection here.

Image Source: Style.com

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