August 11, 2014

Not Without Love

So...yes, this is shaping up to be another summer of me not blogging.  That's not to say I've forgotten about Red-Soled Fashionista; on the contrary, I've had a steady flow of inspiration these past few months, yet time is one thing I don't have.  Partially this is due to a full-time summer job I am so grateful to have landed, but also another opportunity that was miraculously offered to me back in May.

I had planned to find another easy pay-per-post fashion blogging job for some extra cash, but there were slim pickings this year in terms of companies who were hiring.  After about a month of searching, I finally found a job posting from an accessories company.  I almost didn't apply because it required a CV, and I was too lazy to create a fashion-targeted resume. Luckily, I had a niggling fear of missing out on an opportunity, and so I applied.

And thank goodness I did!  A week later, I received an email.  After a surreal phone call with the company, I realized it was my blog and my writing style, both of which I have lovingly nurtured all these years, that made me stand out among the applicants.  Now here I am, working from home as Managing Editor of an American accessories company, getting paid to do what I love.  What seemed like a distant, impossible dream a few years ago has now become a very real possibility.  So, please do forgive me if Red-Soled Fashionista becomes a little bare, but always remember that my heart and soul is in this blog and I will never, ever be without love for it.

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  1. Oh mygosh! I am very happy for you! You have brought a great story in this post , admireable and inspiring! You are honest to what you feel. I have worked with you and I am sure they will love your performance. Best even more when you work at home and the position has always been what you love to do.

    As for my glasses, I cannot visually concentrate with smaller frames, it is affecting my sight, the ones I wear are emergency replacement because I lost my expensive ones. I do get a lot of compliments on this and finally thought I found my right shape.

    London is great, I have made this decision really quick before I even had a took 2 weeks to decide and fly. I also went to Paris while I was there, do watch my future post :)

    Congratulations and wishing you the best!

  2. we miss you!!! blog more for sure :)


  3. xx.M

  4. ps. i just LOL at your comment about boy bands making make up!
    TOO FAR!

    come back to blogging ! xoxo