February 1, 2015


So I tried something new this year: videography! When my YouTuber friend, More Merrick, asked if I would be interested in shooting some footage for his latest fashion video, I was hesitant. I had absolutely zero film experience and never considered myself all that competent with a camera. But eager to learn new skills and explore other creative avenues, I agreed.

We shot two outfits over the span of two hours, but let me tell you, that time flew by! Even though the first outfit was done outside in below-zero weather, I was so preoccupied with getting a good shot I barely noticed the chill. Despite my lack of videography experience, I went in trusting my instincts. I drew on my years of exposure to fashion photography and the fact I occasionally snap photos for my blog's Facebook page to help me envision how a subject should be placed within a frame. I've always had a vividly imaginative mind, but have never been able to translate my fantastical visions into any other medium besides words. Figuring out how to manifest the sparkling images in my mind into actual video footage would be my greatest challenge. Yet even if all else failed, I knew I could at least depend on my love for fashion to capture the clothing in its best light.

Check out what became of my first-time efforts in the finished video below (I shot the first and fourth outfits):

Huge thanks to Merrick for working his editing magic to hide the flaws in my footage!  I always knew filming was a task that required considerable skill, and that day of shooting did not prove me wrong. I struggled most with getting smooth shots and ensuring the camera was always in focus. Although my myriad of flaws do not escape me while watching the finished product, I had so much fun that day I come away more inspired than discouraged.

Lately, I've found myself expanding beyond fashion and learning to appreciate other forms of art. It has only been in recent years that I have begun to really love the art of film-making and acting (so much so I even considered writing film reviews at one point). I've also gained a newfound enjoyment of visual art, theatre, orchestra, and dance. At first I felt as if I were betraying my fashion roots by electing to watch a movie over the latest runway show, but then I realized I was simply complementing my deep appreciation for talent and skill. At the heart of it all, no matter what form it takes, I adore seeing people who are good at - and passionate about - what they do. Don't worry; fashion will always be my first (and forever) love.  But with this new mindset, I see my fun little venture into videography as a natural extension of my passion for fashion and creativity. Just like the effect of putting on a fantastic outfit, everytime I yelled "action!", I was transported to a heightened reality away from the drudgery of my surroundings. In those couple of seconds the camera was on, my world existed within the frame - and there was something satisfying about that.

Nevertheless, my videography skills still need a lot of work. I've made a number of mental notes for next time I film. There's a next time, you ask? Stay tuned...

Image Source: Ask


  1. Bravo!
    Wow that was an amazing video huh!?
    You work great in media and fashion news!
    Id love to see Merrick in more colors too! He does very good in camera, he would make a great tv person! Seriously!
    Thank you for your comments, I hope someday (just dreamin) you can choreo my booth flea markets if I stumble in your state.
    Good luck Angelica on this new venture!

  2. cool!