March 1, 2015

Meet You at the Junction

For the fourth year in a row, I attended my university fashion club's annual fashion show. If you missed it, I blogged about my previous year's outfit in Live. Laugh. Love.. This year's show was titled JUNCTION, and showcased minimalist, monochromatic tones that spoke to our modern era of dressing.  As proof the runway looks were exceedingly relevant, I was incredibly amused by how many stylish members of the audience were dressed as mirror images of the models.  As for myself, however, I threw caution in the wind and went with a leopard print dress:

Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: Ardene | Hangbag: Unknown | Belt: Garage | Watch: Zellers | Earrings: Unknown

What's funny about this outfit is that it's broadly quite similar to a look I wore over the summer to attend a wedding (see: Blossoming Love), except that it's a fast-fashion version of the former's higher quality pieces. This just goes to show it doesn't matter how much money you spend on clothing; what matters is buying with a discerning eye and wearing with unparalleled confidence.

I had picked this dress up at a clothing swap two years ago, but initially, I had a pretty rocky relationship with it. First of all, it was a size M.  It practically drowned me in puddles of fabric. Second of all, it was very sheer and had excessively large arm holes, and I could not for the life of me think of what to wear underneath. Yet fast forward two years, and now you will find me wearing it liberally to work during particularly hot summer days. I must have grown in the past couple years because this dress now fits me much better than it did before. It also helped that my mom sewed the arm holes smaller, and dug up a wonderful slip dress for me to wear underneath.  All of a sudden, this dress became entirely wearable.

The leopard print is a fantastic statement - people notice it and, I'll be honest, that's what every fashion fanatic lives for. As for the tights, I actually struggled for a while over whether I should wear sheer or opaque (bare legs were not an option with a knee-length skirt, black ankle boots, and my short calves). While both looked equally appealing, I finally opted for opaque because I thought it was a classier look more appropriate for attending a fashion show.

However, what I really want to highlight are the shoes. I didn't end up bringing any heels over to include in my university wardrobe, but thankfully, my friend graciously lent me a pair of ankle boots. Not only did the boots have a sleek silhouette, they also harboured a little surprise:

Red soles, ladies and gentlemen. Please, contain your excitement. Even though the soles do look very similar to Louboutins in this photo, in reality, they are actually more of a burnished red. No, these are not Louboutins, but this is as close as I have ever gotten to living up to my blog's name. Mistake me not; I will live up to my name one day, but for now, let a girl dream...

P.S.: A huge thank you to my friend (pictured with me) who unexpectedly gifted me a silk scarf! That was so kind of you, and the scarf is exactly my style!

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  1. leopard is timeless!